Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sew & Tell ~ October 10, 2022

What a week!!!  While life's challenges continued to fly at me, I did accomplish a few things... the issues of my Mom's have been resolved.  I wish I could say the same for my personal ones.  *Sigh*  I feel like a poor cat who fell into a bucket of water... dripping wet and hanging onto the edge of the bucket hoping someone will step up and pull me out.  I'm actually laughing at this... because if I don't laugh... I'd be crying. 😉

My biggest frustration is that customer service does not seem to exist anymore.  😭  When you call you get an automated directory... or leave a message and no one returns the call.  At least the truck has FINALLY been repaired and it cost less than we expected.  Whew...  Now we can go camping and get refreshed a little.

I did have a sense of accomplishment and victory when the sourdough bread I made turned out very well.  It is light and airy (something that doesn't really happen with GF bread) and it doesn't just crumble and fall apart.  It made excellent garlic bread and toast... I will continue trying to keep the starter alive for future breads.

While sorting my fabric stash last week I located some fabric that I had thought was long gone.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that I would use it to make a special card to encourage my friend battling breast cancer.

One last thing to share... Last year I had purchased a subscription to The Flower Letters for Mom.  The Audrey Rose story is told through a series of 24 letters.  The story took place in the 1940s.  She really enjoyed it and she looked forward to "her" letter arriving every two weeks.  When the story was over I purchased another one that takes place in the "wild west" in the 1800s, Clara Lily.  Clara is a dressmaker and mail order bride and takes a train to Utah.  She designed her wedding dress and veil.  She includes the detail of the embroidered lace veil in a letter to her sister.  

Since we will be going camping again very soon, I thought I would stitch the veil design on some fabric to then become the center medallion of a table topper for her.  Here's the progress after one afternoon of binging Call the Midwife...  I'll set it aside and save it for another time.

All of last week's sew & tells were fabulous but I especially liked that Melisa was so inspired by the Camping Journal Quilt of ours that she started one of her own...

Linda's Indian Corn quilt is fabulous!  I love the fall colors. 🍂🍁

It's your turn now...  what are you bringing for Sew & Tell?

Keep Piecing,


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  1. Melva, so sorry to hear about all the hits from last week, hope things are starting to sort out now. My weekend was spent sewing pillowcases, then cutting and cleaning, and finally today some sewing. I make pillowcases for my students when they do their first book recital, and there are several this month so I did them all at once, but what a mess!😂

  2. I hope this week is better for you. And camping again-oh what fun! Our camping days are done for this year, the weather turned to cool:(

  3. I do admire your attitude - and hope all gets better! Glad you can go camping again.Your sourdough bread looks amazing and GF!! thats impressive... I think I just gave up trying - so I am impressed you found a good recipe!

  4. I know what you mean about customer service, it seems non-existent these days! Hand in there... hopefully everything will fall into place. I love that you're making the stitchery from the new letters series, so pretty.. Thanks for linking up to Monday This and That! xx

  5. Oh yes, on the customer service. We had a problem as we prepared for a camping trip trying to confirm that a cooler we ordered was going to arrive in time. Had to go through automated "help" online and on the phone before I could get to a live person who was fortunately able to confirm the delivery would arrive (just) before we left. Love Linda's "Indian Corn" and will definitely be checking out your camping journal quilt!