Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Thankful Thursday 5/19/2022

 In the world as it is, with the busy schedules and expectations of doing more with less, we need to take time to stop and smell the roses...  Take time to appreciate the moments that often get overlooked, ignored or even trampled over as we move to the next activity.

Last week I read a devotion that addressed a common response to the question, "How have you been?".  So many of us often reply, "Busy."  And some of us will continue with, "It's all good, but we've been really busy."  

The writer went on to address the need to justify this busy-ness.  And I won't get into that... 

I started thinking about my common response and recalled that a number of years ago I was introduced to an acronym for busy... Being Under Satan's Yoke.  Yikes!  I certainly don't want to be THAT.  But how do you handle or describe an over-full schedule?  

You count your blessings!  Maybe a better response to "How have you been?" would be "I have a full life", "abundantly blessed" or "blessed to overflowing".  But if you aren't really enjoying all of those "blessings" maybe the schedule or routine needs to be examined and adjusted.

The month of May is often a "full" month filled with end of the school year activities, graduations and parties to celebrate, and plans for family vacations and holiday weekends.  It MAY be a good time to hit the pause button, even if only for a few minutes, to count the blessings we forget to appreciate in a full life.

Our lives are indeed blessed!  Our Sabbatical has been a time of healing and restoration to our tired souls.  We continue to wait for the appointed time to return to a ministry... and waiting can be difficult... but worth every moment.

The little things that I have taken notice of recently... the sounds of the birds singing as we go for our daily walks.  The sounds crickets outside the windows as we enjoy some downtime watching the TV...  The feel of a breeze as we sit on the front porch enjoying our view... The smell of rain... 

The array of colors, not only in nature but fabrics too!  The feel of fabric as my fingers work to align seams or caress it as I prep a quilt sandwich...  

The well-worn edges of a few clothes pins as I hang laundry out to dry... clothes pins that could be nearly 90 years old since they came from my Grandma's pail of pins after we moved her to Trinidad.  Generations of hands have touched these clothes pins - at least 4!  How many loads of laundry have they held securely as clothing flowed in the breeze drying?

The smallest of details have captured my attention lately and have made me evermore appreciative of everyday things that reach our senses... IF I take the time to notice them.

Break the trend of being B.U.S.Y. and enjoy the blessings and miracles all around you!  My life is full... of blessings AND joy!

As I have been writing out the memories of Tressie, I am thankful that I had the many years I had with her as my grandmother, but especially for the few years that she lived near enough for me to stop by for a visit and a cup of tea on her patio. 

Have you read the most recent story that includes memories from my cousin, Karri as well as a recipe for scones and jam?

What will you do to break the trend of BUSY?  

Read a book for 5 minutes?  Watch the sunset as it fades?  Or watch the dawn break as the sun rises?  Maybe it will be to take a deep breath and enjoy the smell... or watch the flight of a butterfly or dragonfly... or watch as a bird pulls a worm from the ground...

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Blessings & Prayers,


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  1. ♡♡♡♡ Thank you for your post. We all need a reminder to slow down & enjoy the little things like - spring smells & our flowers blooming. I am thankful for my little vegetables garden & all of my herbs. God is so good. We're all blessed in many ways, even in difficult times. God is making ways for us all. Take care. Enjoy your day. ♡♡♡♡ 🌻🌞🌻

  2. Instead of Busy we should all say Blessed, that is my hoped for response from now on. I stood on the porch ramp earlier enjoying the feel of the warm sun on my back listening to meadowlarks and looking down at my seedlings in my large pots.

  3. Beware the barrenness of a busy life. “ — Socrates I read this quote when my now husband and I were engaged and it has stayed with me my entire adult life. It has been on my mind with ever decision I have made through the years. I am okay being busy as long as what I am busy at is worthwhile and fits into the plan God has for us.