Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Faith, Hope and Love

Remember when I shared my story of the orphan whose adoption was recently finalized?  No?  You can read the story that accompanied the quilt top finish of my Orphan Quilt...  my Little Anna Bailey?  The Bailey family lives in Romania and has been working closely with a mission team in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Below is a beautiful story of how a family that fled for safety but left behind something very important, and the joy found in a simple, but well-loved need.

One story from our very busy days...

BIG miracle for a little person

The little green bag from Kyiv...

This bag doesn't look like much, but its probably one of the most important things we have been a part of.
There is a mother with her 3 girls who fled from Kyiv very quickly, with very little at the start of the war. Her husband, the girls father, had to stay behind. They are staying with good friends of ours here in town, so we have been getting to know them and helping them get the things they need.
We found out that in their rush to leave, the 4yr old girls special blanket got left behind... again... they fled from a war, their father had to stay behind and the 4 yr old's special blanket, which she cries for every night got left in Kyiv... This is the story of over 1.5 million refugees who have fled Ukraine in the last two weeks. They have left everything, including the ones they love... not knowing if they will ever see them again.  

BUT our God who sees the little ones and the broken hearted is the God of miracles! 
Her dad, managed to get this little green bag with this most valuable item in it to a YWAM base in Ukraine about 6 hours away from Kyiv. We got to play the tiny part of connecting the dots and getting it all the way here to Sighisoara. Her dad, risked his life to get her blanket back in her arms so she could feel safe, warm and loved. And today while they were playing at our house it arrived! I'm not sure I have ever held such a valuable item in my life outside of another human being! This family, like so many others doesn't know if they will ever see their dad or husband again... but this 4 year old will always have this now most extra special blanket. 

Needles to say the delivery was first met with shock and then 30 minutes of squealing, laughing, rolling around with and snuggling her blanket. She buried herself in it. It was perfect. I'm sure it was everything her dad hoped it would be. 

Please pray for this family and the so many others in this same heartbreaking situation. Pray for this war to end.
Sorry this is quick and un edited, but I wanted to share this big, little miracle with all of you! :-) Thank you for being a part of what God has called us to here in Romania, and especially now in this time of crisis for so many! 
Lots of love,
Tim, Caroline and Kids
Hold your loved ones close and keep praying!



  1. Thank you Melva for the “good news” uplifting story. Praying for all the victims and heroes during these trying times.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. It gives us hope in hard times. Good things still happen.

  3. 💞 Thank you for sharing about the blanket! So heart touching! 💞