Saturday, February 19, 2022

What To Do While We Wait

As we wait on so much in life, I offer these few thoughts...  

Waiting... waiting... waiting... Waiting is hard!

We are waiting to hear from the Lord about our future...  Service, yes.  Ministry?  Maybe? but to what level or extent.  Pastoral level???  Youth??? Music???  Mission?  We have no idea!

We are waiting for the arrival of a new desktop with all of the programs I (we) have become accustomed to... so that life in the business side of life can return to normal.  For now, we are recording all income and expenses on a hand-written spreadsheet.  But I am ever so grateful that we were able to get successful backups of documents onto an external hard-drive. 

I am so limited with my basic photo editing abilities and spend a great deal of time transferring files from camera to laptop to my tablet and then back to the laptop to be able to do some of what I want.  

We are waiting for things to dry out a bit more so that we can put the camper back on the truck and hit the road for a road trip and vacay...  We have had snow every 5-6 days for weeks.  The temps have been warm enough to completely melt most of the stuff between the storms and the ground is rather squishy and mushy at this point.  We need the ground to be a little firmer before we load the camper... and we are getting a little impatient.  

So, I have been busy with some secret tiny sewing, (hand)writing and testing the patterns for the Pieces in the Garden sew along.  

But impatience leads to finding things to keep one busy that we Dave usually wouldn't do... like deciding that the high-traffic corners of the hallway NEEDED to be fixed.  The areas in question are right outside my sewing room.  This means that his mutterings and mumblings were a distraction to me... and the drywall dust.  *ugh* He has tried to keep it to a minimum, but it just gets everywhere.  He kindly told me "I wouldn't bother dusting until some paint gets put over it."  Gee thanks... 😜

As he waited for some paint to dry, the hall corner project spilled over to the living room and turned into prepping fixing the computer desk for the new computer.  

I was quietly trying to ignore what was going on...

Taking small pieces of scrap fabric and making them even smaller and then sewing them together to make them a little bigger.

With every little piece, I am recalling memories of Grandma and realizing that the small bits and scraps of life and the memories that we recall, all put together, are what makes life LIFE!

And what is life without a quilt???  Cold... that is what it is.  

I am dreaming of spring and warmer temps... and walking on a beach and sleeping in the camper with the sound of the surf on the sand... and riding bikes on the beach or on the streets of a quaint little island/town...

Take me away!

If you could go away, right now, to anywhere at all, where would you like to go?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you.

Keep Piecing!


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  1. I’d love to go to a beach, but my husband has done winter beaches and isn’t on board.

  2. I hear you with the waiting... we've been waiting on things for the past 6 months... each thing needs another thing done first...! But we are getting there! Glad to see you are keeping occupied with projects while you wait! xx

  3. Ooh, where would I go? Europe! Or California! You're right, waiting is hard, and home improvement is a pain. Hang in there! I'm waiting for spring, and in Wisconsin that's going to be a long wait.

  4. Definitely the beach, in the warm Caribbean with calm and sunny days. The soft sand between my toes, walking on the beach, swimming in the the clear blue water and just relaxing. .. the snow plough just came past, the end of the driveway needs clearing.

  5. Ooooh such tiny little blocks!! Wow! I would either go to a cabin in the mountains and relax in a hot tub or go to the beach to eat seafood! I don't care about the sand and water that much, except for hearing the surf. That is very relaxing to me!

  6. First to Minnesota to see my dad, then to Montana to see my daughter, and then to Connecticut to see my other daughter. As I get older, I see that my world has gotten much smaller, likely because when I worked for the University, there were plentry of plane trips each year, and they were exhausting. I have been practicing being content with what you have the past few years, and it has paid off! But dreaming…having DH healthy enough for a week long camping trip this summer..that would be it!

  7. HAHAHAHA, Melva! Don't worry about dusting right now. Huh. That's wasn't the first thought you had?!!! Thank you so much for the giggle. Yes, waiting IS a huge part of life. Learning to be patient is truly a life skill and one that is NOT taught in school. He needs a hobby! You know all will be revealed in due time. {{{Hugs}}} That road trip/vacay is well deserved and even that is a trip to nowhere, isn't it? Wherever the mood takes you and it will be the perfect place for you two to be right then. I am content right now with being where I am. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Someplace warm and DRY!!! so tired of all the snow and rain and MUD. I'm getting tired of waiting for Mother Nature to make up her mind, are we going to have winter or spring? lol Have a good day.

  9. I waiting for a new computer too. We've been watching it through tracking -- coming from California. Those are tiny little pieces.... but aren't they cute?

  10. Right now, I would like to go someplace warm and peaceful, but not hot or humid, with the ocean in front, mountains behind me, a meadow on one side and a forest on the other. A place where people are kind to each other, where no one owns handguns, and everyone is welcome.

  11. Cute little blocks! I'm quite well where I am, for now, but moving is always an option ;)
    Thank you for sharing and linking up.