Monday, February 14, 2022

Adjustment Time...

It has taken a few days to work through the frustration and shock (and some relief) of losing our desktop computer...

Relief came once we had successfully rescued and backed up all of our documents and finally made the decision to order a new one and not deal with the likely future crashes that were certain to come (as we were warned by our techy son-in-law and our local emergency computer consultant).

And now we wait 12 more days for the new computer to arrive.  But who's counting?!?  My fingers are crossed that we actually get a little earlier than that, but I am not willing to hold my breath for that to happen... 😨

Once I came to terms with my limitations I returned to the studio and my Orphan Quilt.  I have used all of the blocks I had on hand and have just one narrow section to fill in at the bottom of the top.

I added the 2" wide strip of double flying geese on the lower left, as well as a piano keys piece on the lower right... both helped to reduce some of the scraps I had on hand.

I'd like to make it just a little wider, and I thought I'd do that with some borders, but Roseanne over at Home Sewn By Us has kindly offered to send me her orphans.  

The additional orphans should make this quilt just the right size... approximately 60"x80" and no need for borders...  

Leaving it in more of the style of vintage quilts.  

It is almost as if I had anticipated the distractions that would come to us with my shortest ever To-Do List... Just work on the Orphan Quilt.   Hmmmmm.... 

❧ So, for now, I will set this project to the side and pick up my notebook of block sketches and rough patterns for the Pieces in the Garden Row Quilt and get to work with those.

There is a special post celebrating Tressie's birthday on February 16th and includes a discount code that will get you 15% off of a purchase at Cornerstone Tea who is partnering with me for the prize give aways during the sew along.

❧ I'll be caring for my cutting mat as well.  I found this post about doing so on the Quilting Digest blog.  While I'm at it, I'll do a cleaning and simple maintenance of my machines.

Proper maintenance (just like backing up computer documents on a regular basis) can eliminate some serious headaches. 

When was the last time you cleaned your sewing machine?  
Or shown some love to your cutting mat?  

Leave a comment... I love hearing from you!

Stay calm and keep piecing,


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  1. That is one tough thing. I try to be good about backing up, but I know my one desktop teeters on the edge of disaster...hoping it goes smoothly when the new one arrives!

  2. Oh I can't imagine! I'll be backing up my computer and taking time for maintenance as well! Thank you for the reminder.

  3. It's amazing how losing our computer can throw us--I was there last year but in the end, all was well (though I was out a hefty $sum$!). I'm a little weird maybe in that I love to maintain my machine. I clean it thoroughly between each big quilt (or 2 little ones) and switch out the needle. I also tidy up my room, esp dusting it as I know that just adds to the issues. As much as I've been sewing lately, that's been about every other week, or even more!

  4. Hi Melva! The envelope containing 16 orphans went in the mail yesterday. They are yours now to do with what you will. No regrets on passing them on even if they only sit in an orphan pile at your house. HAHA! At least I have one clear spot on my "visitor's chair" in the sewing room that is covered with stuff. Said visitor could rest their arm now . . . if it could reach it from the mountain of stuff. Cutting mat love?!! I have never shown my mat any love so I hope you report to us with how the process worked for you. I clean my machine regularly (patting myself on the back, kind of) but I still think something is off. Maybe it just doesn't like this thread I'm trying for the first time. {{Hugs}} Happy Tuesday, my friend!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. So sorry to read about your computer, or "puter" as we call it here at our house. ;) Oh Melva I cannot wait to get started on the Pieces in the Garden, but right now I feel like we will never get our puppy housebroken! I look forward to some time in the sewing room. Hope you had a great week.
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

  6. Sorry about your computer, but impressed that you were able to rescue your documents! Your orphan quilt is looking great and with the addition of the other blocks, it'll be the perfect size! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Thanks for sharing the link to the post about caring for self-healing cutting mats. It's a while since I soaked any of mine....