Friday, February 11, 2022

Technical Difficulties


I wish I could say that I have a finish to share this week... I wish I could say that things have improved in our computer world... but I CAN'T, not really.

While we were able to salvage all of our files from the desktop AND we have a laptop to do some minor things... we thought things were looking up.  The computer finally made it all the way through a scan and seemed to be doing better... and then it tanked AGAIN.

Having had enough fun, we chose to order a new computer.  Sadly, it will be two weeks before it arrives.  **sigh** 

I have been working on a fun little story of memories of Tressie that will (hopefully) be shared on Thursday.  Fingers are crossed that I can locate all of the pictures I know are somewhere on the external hard drive or that I can get the scanner connected to the portable thing that will be my friend for the next few weeks. 😜

Soooo... all that to say, I may be a little scarce here for a while.  Catch me over on fb at Melva Loves Scraps or on instagram at MelvaLovesScraps.  

But before you leave, tell me...

Are you making progress with the 12 Bow blocks for the Pieces in the Garden row quilt?  

Keep piecing,


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  1. Hi Melva! Darn. That's the thing about technology. It is fabulous when it works, until it doesn't. We don't realize how much we count on it until it's not there. Just like people, I guess. I'm so sorry you have to wait TWO weeks. That's nuts. Not surprising but nuts still the same. With all the supply issues, I can't help but wonder what's next. I'll being sending good vibes your way to a successful post!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi Melva — I have nearly all my Bow blocks done and they’re looking lovely. I’ve made that block in two colours in a few different ways in the past. I like your method the best. And three colours really makes it a much nicer block I think! I’m guessing we have some three inch blocks next month! Looking forward to your stories. Hope the post goes smoothly!

  3. Oh, such a pain to have computer issues... our internet has been playing up and then I think - what did we do before computers and internet?! Hang in there, oh, and your blocks look great! xx

  4. Cute bows
    and... technology sucks sometimes.. hope its all remedied fast... that stuff completely stresses me to the end of my rope!