Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Tuesday Check-in & No Guilt::GoQuilt

I am here with a Tuesday Check-in!  I have been knocking things off my list and feeling good about it... 

✔  Final adjustments for the program content for on November 5th are being made.  One little hiccup... Dave and I were with our daughter and grand-daughters on Saturday.  They all tested positive for the virus on Sunday/Monday. We were sick a month ago... we are probably ok, but being responsible and in quarantine until we go for a test tomorrow.  Won't you join us in prayer that we are free and clear and test negative?

Plan B, should it be needed is to get the information to my Mom for her to present.  She is really nervous about the public speaking, though it is a subject matter she is very familiar with.  I am confident that she would do fine, but also confident that she won't need to step in. 

I will be really, REALLY glad when this event is done.  It seems that every step of the way has been a challenge.  From getting the book published, to submitting the grants requests and getting everything ready for it... 

I finished a selection of quilted cards that will be available at the event as well as the books. 

I still have a pattern that I need to finish writing for the next Santa Fe Trail Sew Along release.  Pattern has been tested and I think, *I think*, it has been properly linked so that you can retrieve the pattern with out an issue.  At least I will be on the Homefront to be able to correct any problems in a more timely manner.

❧  I didn't get to the pattern test for another quilter/designer/blogger.  But I still have time! 

As for the use of the of my new appliances... I have tried a few recipes out and we will be keeping the air fryer.  We'll keep it simply because of the fact that the fries are good and healthier than deep frying them... and we eat A LOT of fries.  They are a on our menu several times a week.

I cooked some GF chicken tenders in it and Dave said that recipe was a keeper.  I just need to figure out the adjust in cooking time because it definitely took longer than 6 minutes for them to be done and lightly browned.

As for the quick/slow cooker... I am giving a recipe a try tonight...  All-in-one Chicken and Brown Rice.  I'll let you know what we think.  I'll be leaving out the mushrooms and trying green beans instead.  I'll be using a homemade Cream of Chicken soup in place of the canned stuff.  Here's that recipe as well...  I'll be swapping out the milk for a dairy free alternative and Einkorn flour instead of regular flour.

As for the coming week... I'll be testing that baby sized quilt and I received another top to quilt for a customer.  This one is cats...

AND she sent some extra "goodies" for me.  Yay!  Who doesn't love {fun} surprises???

Have you had any surprises lately?

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you.

Keep Quilting!


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  1. Praying you test negative today!
    My husband is a "gadget" guy and saw the air fryer at Sam's Club and had to have it. I was less than enthused because of the counter space it takes up, but now I love it. He had a deep fryer next to our outdoor grill, and now he has sold it, because we like the fries in the air fryer. I miss the extra crunch of deep fry, but it's still crispy and tastes great. And like you we eat a lot of fries! We mainly use it for things we used to deep fry - corndogs, chicken tenders, fries, tater tots - but we also like baked potatoes in it. I rub the potatoes with a little olive oil and salt and air fry them for close to an hour, and they are fantastic!
    We also have an instant pot (that I keep in the overhead cabinet) and that is what I use for rice and sometimes use it in place of the crockpot.
    Thank you for those recipes! I bet you love that brown rice and chicken with homemade soup. I have a cream soup recipe I like to use for green bean casserole and for a chicken enchilada casserole, and we love it!
    Thanks for linking up to To Do Tuesday!

  2. Heres for a Negative test!!! and oh my gosh - you are really knocking things out!!! good luck for your presentations! I know you will be the one making it ;-)

  3. Hi Melva! Oh gosh, I am certain that you will be negative. I thought there is some built in immunity for a period of time - like 90 days? {{Hugs}} You know I'll be happy to add you to my prayers. As far as your wonderful book - it seems that challenges are a part of the process. You've certainly worked hard past all of them! That kitty quilt looks like it will be fun to quilt. Good luck on your list and negative all the way. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I hope your family all survive their exposure to covid. Your cat blocks are adorable.

  5. Cute kitty quilt! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.