Monday, October 11, 2021

New Approach to No Guilt::Go Quilt

Am I the only one that struggles with change?

A few weeks ago I helped a friend who had recently become a Pampered Chef consultant and hosted an on-line party.  While I love PC and their products I had not really anticipated the amount of sales/orders that were placed. Because of the the fabulous hostess rewards and deals I received I am now the owner of an air fryer and a quick/slow cooker, all at a price that cost me less than $80.

Our daughters had gifted us an instapot a few Christmases ago when I asked for a rice cooker.  Honestly, I did not keep it because of the size of the appliance and lack of space to store it.  I did have room for the much smaller rice cooker.

We have seen and heard all the rage about the air fryers and now I have one of THOSE too!  Another over-sized appliance... and the same lack of countertop space and storage space.

So... I need your help.  Sell me on these two appliances by telling me where I can find your favorite "no-fail" recipes!

I have tried a few recipes in the air fryer but we have been less than impressed .  Perhaps I am just an old dog when it comes to my preferred cooking methods.  I enjoy my crockpot and the extra time that it affords me in my sewing room.  The pleasant aromas of the meal as it simmers away is always enticing.  

Again, maybe I am just an old dog struggling with change and I need to get over it... HELP!

Speaking of No Guilt::Go Quilt, it has been a while since I have shared any recipes.  Here's a yummy one for Garlic Butter Chicken and Veggies.

I'll pulling out one of my freezer meals as I prepare for our trip to Illinois for our niece's wedding.  I have plenty to do but the primary and first focus will be my customer's Sunflower quilt.  

Isn't it a bright and cheerful quilt?

It is certain to pick up the spirits of who ever is lucky enough to snuggle up underneath it!

This Monday is lacking inspiration... Maybe I'll go find a quilt to snuggle under myself... I hope the remainder of the week improves.  Don't forget to come back on Thursday for Block 10 of Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail sew along!  I have the bundle of patterns 1-9 available at a sale price of $7.   Grab the patterns and link up your Comfort of Home block using the hashtags #PiecesoftheSantaFeTrail #PiecesoftheTrail #PiecesoftheTrailSewAlong and tag me on instagram @MelvaLovesScraps or share to my fb page Melva Loves Scraps.  

Piece Out,


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  1. I haven't been attracted to large appliances for just that reason--and it is just my husband and me here most of the time. I don't know how difficult cleanup is either, with those.
    Your blocks look terrific.

  2. I have the room but don't own either. Guess I'm used to the old ways.

  3. Well I am no help as I am in the same boat with you, liking my crockpot just fine!

  4. I purchased a Ninja 4 qt Air Fryer. I do not like the potatoes, but boy when I put it on Roast at 350 for 6 minutes, my unseasoned plain chicken tenders are perfect and always tender. Tried Zuccini - did not work for me, but then I cannot use any type of seasoning or breading. Mine is smaller than yours and is not taking up a lot of room, but I agree. I still like a crockpot. Hugs

  5. Like the others, I'm no help. I am doing just fine with my slow cooker and really don't want to find the space for an instapot or air fryer. I'm definitely not with the times!

  6. Honestly, I'm a fan of the Instant Pot you got rid of. We use the instant pot for nearly every meal we cook. We got rid of the rice cooker because we cook rice in the instant pot now. And we got an air fryer lid for the instant pot. We've considered getting rid of the microwave because the air fryer reheats so much better. Generally for recipes you can just type in "ingredient name" followed by instant pot and you'll find plenty of recipe options.

  7. Hi Melva! I do not have a suggestion for either appliance as I don't own either one. I do have a suggestion for your crockpot and that is to use the liner bags. They make cleanup a snap! That sunflower quilt sure is a nice bright spot today. It's been gloomy and raining for days now, it seems. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. What a very happy quilt.
    Airfryer - fajitas are AWESOME in it, Fried potatos, ZUchinni Fries, Glazed pork chops, (reheating pizza haha) , Sausage Brocolli stir fry - we love our and the coolest thing is in the summer it does NOT heat up your house!!

  9. When those air fryers were rather new we were visiting sis in law and she is older and no longer wants to cook. She put in chicken nuggets, 3 days in a row, the same uneaten ones, and they got really hard and dry. So that is a no-no!

  10. This Sunflower quilt is lovely, bright and pretty!
    I'm not the one who cook at home ;))

  11. I tried your chicken recipe in my crockpot this week. Very good. And there are leftovers for another night, always a good thing for us quilters, right? I don't have any of the newer machines, but I do like the crockpot. Your sunflowers are very pretty! Hugs, Judy