Monday, November 8, 2021

Weekend Wrap

Friday's presentation at the Trinidad Historical Society's annual dinner was a success.  Sixty people were in attendance, the slide presentation worked smoothly and I was able to keep my cool through out it and even answered some questions after it.

If you missed the fact that we had been exposed to the virus and went for testing on Wednesday... well, you can safely assume that we tested negative!  Dave and I were both relieved that we didn't have to be in quarantine.  Whew!

A few Pieces of the Past books were even sold.  The first request for a book to be mailed arrived on Friday too!  Only 80 more to go. ;)  As a quilter, it was difficult to share only the history aspect of this project.  There were plenty of family stories and details shared as well, but I would have much rather focused on the blocks and the reasons that they were selected to accompany each letter.  

Since I was awarded some grant funds to be able to promote and advertise the publication of the book, I will be contacting a local quilt shop in Raton, NM (just a short 30-minute drive away) to see if they might be interested in hosting a sew-along event in their shop.  

We celebrated with our friend that turned the B-I-G 6-0 and enjoyed reconnecting with her daughters, and grand-children and several other friends.  She loved the quilt.

It was the A Time for All Seasons BOM and the more I looked at it, the more perfect I realized it was.  Connie is a Christian Sister and Ecclesiastes 3 was a comfort for her after her husband passed away.  The border of the quilt has multi-colored balloons and the backing was from a collection of fabric that had been passed on to me from her Mom's stash.

I stitched  a few blocks for our Camping Journal Quilt while on the road...  The wagon will represent our stop in Guernsey, WY at the Oregon Trail Track site and the fish are for our trip to the National Forest near Red River in August.  While there we saw the department of fish and game stocking the river with trout.  The background is the water of the river... yellow.  Yes, yellow because there had been a rain storm and when we emerged from the camper after it passed the water was YELLOW from the minerals from the ground in the run off.

Sunday's packing party of Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes was a success.  We had already packed 20 in July and we had planned to pack an additional 40 boxes.  When all was said and done, we have 70 boxes ready to go to children that will have an opportunity to learn of Jesus' love for them.  The gifts in the shoe boxes are nice, but the ultimate goal of them is to introduce people all over the world to the salvation of our Lord and Savior.  God bless them all! 

❧  I still have not completed the pattern test... **sigh**  I started it!  Really, I did.  But I was so unhappy with my fabric selection that I pulled it all off of the design wall and started over using a panel as the center panel.

❧  I have a plan for the cat quilt for my customer.  I will be quilting in the word "Meow" on a diagonal.  

I currently have the living room torn apart because I decided that the carpet needed to be cleaned... it was overdue and much needed.  Truth be told, my Mom's social media account was hacked and then stolen.  We cannot delete the account because she cannot log in... the hacker actually asked for $100 to get it back.  Seriously??? Holding her account ransom?  What a terrible thing to do to anyone of any age, but doing this has caused my 81 year old mom distress and worry... and frustration on my part since I am her "tech support"... thus the deep clean of the house!  LOL.  

Am I the only one that finds cleaning a comfort??? Ok, so maybe not a comfort... more of a way to direct energy and frustration? Quilting will be my next therapy, once I have calmed down. **deep breath**

All in all, it was a marvelous weekend and I refuse to let one cruel, rude hacker steal my joy.  Time to shift the furniture to the clean half of the room and finish the remainder of it.

Stay calm and keep piecing,


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  1. There is nothing better for me than a deep clean when I'm stressed or anxious, to help burn off all that energy. It's usually followed by a nap - LOL. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's social media issue. When the kids were little, their grandma would take them shopping for the shoeboxes each year. It was an annual date with grandma, and such fun for them. Later, when they were older, we volunteered at the collection facility that was here, but unfortunately we no longer have one here (as far as I know). Glad your presentation went well, and that you could gift your friend the quilt for her birthday, too. Yay for the negative test results!

  2. So glad your presentation went well. I'm sorry about your mom's account getting hacked and stolen - and then held for ransom. That's just nuts. People need to get a life and not prey on others! I suppose deep cleaning is better than fuming over wrongs done, but honestly, I've never thought of it as therapy - more like punishment! LOL

  3. Congratulations on your presentation going well! Those can be nerve-wracking. Your camping journal sounds like a neat project!

  4. Congratulations on your successful presentation! You look pretty and professional standing at the podium.
    Gosh I'd love to slap silly the person that hacked your Mom's account - what a jerk. As one whose Instagram account was hacked, I relate to the distress it causes.
    Organizing is a comfort for me. And I love to organize the most random things too - even my underwear drawer - lol!
    I'm so glad your friend got that pretty and cozy quilt. I love reading your posts and catching up to what you've got going on and reading all the towns that I love - Red River, Raton, etc.
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!

  5. Hi Melva!! I am so excited for you that the book presentation went well. I am not one bit surprised that you nailed it - and now you have the first one under your belt. I can also easily see you on the book circuit!! I sure do hope that quilt shop is receptive to a SAL. Oh gosh, how touching that Connie's quilt backing is from her mom's collection. LOVE that! Are you kidding me?? Someone hacked your mom's account and wants $100 to get it back. Can't you report that to FB? I would think that a ransom request would and should be frowned upon! Good grief. {{Hugs}} to both you and your mom!! ~smile~ Roseanne