Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday's To-Do Ramblings

The list is short and sweet this week...  

❧  Finish the pattern test... The center panel is complete and I am pleased.  The only issue I had was that it was just a smidge too wide.  I took a very narrow seam on the left side of the prayer.  While not the ideal correction to the issue, I will bury it in the quilting.  I am planning to do the hanging diamond grid on the wall hanging and I think it will be just fine.

❧  Finish Hanna's Christmas Stocking...

The other stockings for the grands have little bells hanging from the prairie points.  I have just one bell on hand, and I don't want to buy a bag of 12...  I came across three little snowflakes that I will dangle from the points.

I hope to get it done in time to send it home with the kiddos so that it can be hung with the rest of the family's stockings when Heather is ready to decorate.

I want to make a "baby's first Christmas" ornament with her picture on it too... but that can wait a bit.  It will be a tag on her gift.

Speaking of gifts.  We unexpectedly got all of our Christmas shopping done on Saturday!  Ok, well a little bit of it spilled over to yesterday but we now only need to wait for the gifts that have been ordered to arrive.

We had gone to the local farm supply store for something not related to Christmas at all and walked out with only Christmas gifts for the wee ones.  LOL!  

In other news... The book signing event last week was a success.  Nearly 40 people came by and 22 books were sold.  A friend that I worked with years ago sent me a message with a picture of "my name in the lights" saying he was proud of me.  The local bank advertises upcoming local events and the book signing was one of them. :)  It was great to see friends and acquaintances that I haven't seen for years... But the best part was being able to talk with some people that remembered my grandparents and shared their memories with me.  Priceless!

I'll be participating in an "Author Market Place" event on December 4th... another opportunity to see more familiar faces and make new friends.

❧  The final item(s) on my list is to enjoy our early Thanksgiving with our family and cherish the time with the grand-daughters for a few days after.

How are you doing with your gift giving list?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you.

Have a blessed and safe week,


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  1. Hi,
    Beautiful Stocking! Have a great day!

  2. That is a really cute Christmas Stocking!

  3. You have some nice projects going, Melva. How fun to see your name in lights! I have a couple of Christmas shopping items done. The rest is still completely in question - no idea what to get them!

  4. Beautiful stocking, Melva! Love the Christmas Manger panel! All of my gift giving is complete, and everything ordered is here. I just have one BIG one left and that is Madelyn's ballerina quilt!! I gotta get BUSY!!

  5. Both projects look great. It's wonderful to hear of your success with the book signing. I'm so excited for you, and to have you hear stories of your grandparents is the icing on the cake. I'm not sewing right now.

  6. I really like the way the Christmas Manger Prayer panel quilt turned out. Cute stocking. Congratulations on your book signing event(s).

  7. Love what you are doing with the panel so far. Cute stocking!

  8. Congrats on the success of the book signing!

  9. Hi Melva!! I am SO happy to hear that the book event went well. Oh - to hear the sharing with people who knew and remember your grandparents!!! Priceless, indeed. {{Hugs}} What an adorable stocking! I hope you have a fabulously Happy Thanksgiving. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. I haven’t even started too think about that, Years ago as children ,grandchildren and great grandchildren grew up we decided to stop with traditional gifts! Maybe it seems impersonal, but we give money in the form of gift cards. Our people are far away, so postage is a concern. So I will order those cards to be delivered soon!

  11. That wall hanging is gorgeous with such a beautiful message! What a darling stocking, and glad you found snowflakes instead of having to buy a bunch of bells. ;) Your night of signing books just warms my heart. I'd love to have been there! How exciting seeing your name in lights! Congratulations!
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!