Friday, November 12, 2021

It's a Furry Almost-Finished Friday

Try as I might, my customer's Cat quilt is quilted.  I thought I might get it trimmed and the binding done, but... well, sometimes you just have to stop and take care of yourself by going to an adjustment appointment and getting errands done (banking, post office visit and grocery shopping).

While not a complete finish... I will consider this a successful Friday Finish any way.  🎉

Playing on the vertical lines of the cat bodies and angles of the cat's ears, we chose a "hanging diamond" grid.  Since the recipient of this quilt is a tall gentleman, the straight lines offer a more masculine feel than any curvy free-motion quilting. 

Trimming and binding will be done on Saturday.  It will be washed and dried over the weekend as well and sent off to the customer... with just enough time for her to send it to her brother-in-law for his birthday at the end of the month.

Other things that I have been musing about... The Santa Fe Trail Sew Along is nearly finished.  Just one more block to be released for the top (November 25th).  The top can then be assembled and quilted before the end of the year.  A bonus block, intended to be the label for the quilt will be published on December 16th with a summary post.

While enjoying lunch with my mom and her friend the other day I was asked "So, what's next when the Marion Russell stories are done?"  

My response was, "I'm not sure.  I might take a break from hosting a sew-along and just participate in some on-line blocks of the month parties."

By the way, if you are interested, you can still join the sew along fun!  All patterns are available on payhip... You can get a bundle of 9 patterns for the first 9 blocks for just $9... and blocks 10 and 11 are still free.  What a deal!  Eleven patterns for $9...  Each block takes less than an hour to piece and before you know it you will be caught up!  

As I sat quilting the furry felines (which it felt so good to do! {it's been a while.}) I started thinking of other books or themes that would be good subject matter for a similar sew along.  Little House on the Prairie would be fun, but it has already been done... not that I would copy, but I am thinking I want to do something more original.

Anne of Green Gables is a classic that I have grown to love as an adult. And The Secret Garden is another one that was introduced to my daughters that I have come to love. And when I did a search for quilts of these, the only items I found were manufactured items from places such as Pottery Barn.

Though these are more popular books, they are well known and could still be fun to design blocks for a sampler quilt.  

I am open to ideas!  
Historical, Fiction, Non-Fiction... 

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear your ideas!

Stay Pieceful,


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  1. Happy you were able to do your errands! The cat quilt looks great and the sew-along ideas are interesting!

  2. Okay, this might sound bizarre, but the idea that immediately popped into my head for the themed sew along was the Victims of Jack the Ripper! Probably because #1, so many of us refer to our seam rippers as “Jack,” but also because #2 I’ve been listening to a podcast series recently while quilting that is all about the five women who were murdered by the Ripper and what their lives were really like before they met their end. They were not all prostitutes as the papers reported at the time — in Victorian England, any woman who was out alone at night was immediately declared a prostitute by the police without further evidence. They were poor and living with housing instability (no homeless shelters, just lodging houses where you paid on a day to day basis to have a place to sleep indoors that night. They were alcoholics in a time when addiction was not yet understood, alcohol was an ingredient in all kinds of “medicines and tonics” that were widely used, and anyone who couldn’t “just stop” drinking was seen to have a moral failing rather than an illness. And at least one of them may have been homeless after fleeing a marriage of domestic violence. Anyway, if I was hosting a themed QAL (and thank goodness I’m not, right?!), I’d do one for the victims of Jack the Ripper who have been maligned and blamed for their own murders by history! Thanks for linking up with me for TGIFF this week!

  3. The cat quilt is turning out great, Melva. Another sew-along? Anne with and E works for me. Die-hard fan of all things Avonlea!!!

  4. I love your customer's cat quilt, and your quilting is going to set it off beautifully.
    You'll be horrified to know I was never a "classic" book reader. I got excellent grades in English, but not for reading and interpreting the classics - I was good at diagramming sentences and writing - lol! As a child I read Nancy Drew books and other series like Sue Barton Student Nurse and Trixie Belden - lol! So I never read any of the books you have listed above (or if I did I don't remember them!), but I'm open to a sew-along based on them. James Herriot is my favorite author but not sure how his books would be adapted to a sew-along.

  5. You are so right about your blocks going up easily! I love to work on them so much so that I am making two quilts from them! A new series? I was intrigued by Rebecca Grace's idea! I am a big fan of women in history. Take good care!

  6. I love hanging diamonds for quilting, and it shows off your customer's cute cat quilt beautifully. I've been enjoying the Santa Fe posts, I'm sure you'll think of something good for the next series. Good luck!

  7. This cats quilt idea is brilliant and too colourfully cute

  8. Riley Blake had a line of Anne of Green Gables fabric a few years ago including a panel. The Fat Quarter Shop still carries it. You may get some ideas from that!

  9. Riley Blake had an Anne of Green Gables line of fabric a few years ago, including a panel. Fat Quarter Shop carries it. You may get some ideas from that.