Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday

I have shared how the last few weeks have been a bit stressful and chaotic but I am here to say that I have been reminded multiple times of just how blessed I am.  Here's what I am thankful for...

Good Friends:
  In the previous post (Tests in Patience) I told you about how I had friends that joined me on Friday (the day Dave was supposed to have left for hunting) for breakfast and some at-home pedicures.  The conversation was good for my mind, heart and soul.

  The thoughts, prayers and messages from those checking in on me while home alone have meant so much to me!  Some bonus and unexpected messages that came through were from Dave.  On Monday night I got the best one!  It had an incredible amount of love and sentiment behind it... "Here are some flowers for you."  Sadly, it was shortly followed by one that said "The picture won't send."  

He was finally successful when he sent the picture on Wednesday morning. 🎕  

  While I was picking up the truck from the repair shop I made a detour to a local produce market for some tomatoes and chilies to make home-made salsa.  This is something that Dave and I have done together for a bunch of years.  In fact, it was how we spent our first anniversary!  He will be missed, but once again... I have friends backing me up!  

With the help of Laura and Joella the produce was diced lickety split and simmering before we knew it!  Start to finish, including clean up, it took only two hours to create 15 pints.  YUM!  

Dave doesn't have to worry though... He hasn't missed all of the fun since I only picked up a small portion of what we usually get.

BTW, the repair shop found nothing wrong with the truck.  No sign of electrical issues in the codes they collected in the diagnosis.  🤦

Book and Technical Support: I will be converting my document for the Pieces From The Past book into the .PDF file WITH embedded fonts and the correct page size this morning.  I am thinking that once it is properly uploaded and an order placed, the entire world will hear the news because I will whooping and hollering and dancing in the streets!  

Little Things:  Perhaps, after all, our best thoughts come when we are alone. It is good to listen, not to voices but to the wind blowing, to the brook running cool over polished stones, to bees drowsy with the weight of pollen. If we attend to the music of the earth, we reach serenity. And then, in some unexplained way, we share it with others.  ~ Gladys Taber

These are some of the things I have so desperately missed by not getting away... the sound of water rushing over stones... the whisper of the wind in the pine needles...

But now I am filled with peace and serenity after spending a few special days with plenty of time by myself yet totally surrounded by friends and loved ones who believe in me, supported me and reminded me that I have so much to be thankful for.  And this week that has been filled with blessings still isn't over!  I have more girlfriends that will be arriving tomorrow.  I'll be doing some big-stitch binding on the wedding quilt as we visit.

What are some of your favorite calming sounds?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Stay Piece-ful,


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  1. Waves lapping on the shore, my cat purring, wind through the pine trees. I'm so glad you are enjoying the time while Dave is hunting. Bummer about the truck, though. The salsa sounds like a fun time for the three of you with a tasty finish!

  2. That salsa looks so good! Glad Dave's flowers were finally able to come through. ;)
    Besides those wonderful sounds mentioned by Gladys Taber, there are a couple of other sounds that do it for me. One is the sound of sleet in the middle of the night in winter, and the other is when we are sitting outside, either before the sun rises or right after it sets, and we can hear the faint sound of traffic in the distance.

  3. The sound of water, be it rain, lapping waves, a running stream, or even boiling water. The sound of music such as a beautiful symphony, chamber music or soloists. A cat purring. Sounds of nature like the trees rustling. The AC or furnace running when needed. The car running like it should.

  4. Hi Melva! I find it incredibly calming listening to the wind stir the leaves. And for the first time yesterday morning, I heard an owl hooting at 5:30 am. It was dark and I stopped and listened to him for a bit. Amazing! I wondered what he saw when he looked at me. He stopped hooting, though. I certainly wasn't a threat - I was a distance from the tree I suspected he was in. Ahh. Enjoy your girlfriends! DH is great and your love, but girlfriends add a whole different dimension with friendship and love, too. I'm wondering if you'd like to join in the Thursday likes? If so, I'll send your blog link to her to add to the weekly list (or you can reach out). It would be a wonderful addition to our growing group. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. A sun setting over Lake Michigan on a summer's day at the beach. A night in northern Michigan with dark sky where we can see the stars and the satellites going by. I'm glad you've been surrounded with love.

  6. awe this is a fine list Melva! Life is made of moments, and some of them lift us up. Glad to link to you on I Like Thursdays... and either let me know if you plan to do a thankful post weekly or just leave a message for once-in-a-while posts. I plan my post with links to drop on Thursday mornings early... welcome ( if you link back to me your readers can find all the others doing like posts too)
    Leeanna at not afraid of color

  7. Bird songs, the sound of wind in the trees, waves crashing on the shore and the rolling/sucking sound of the sand as the wave retreats,

  8. I like music especially a fiddle or the lonely sound of bagpipes. Birds chirping and singing on a spring morning. The sound of the breeze through the trees and rustle of leaves. The very best are water sounds: a babbling brook, the rain on the roof, a thunderstorm when I'm cozy at home and the wave on the beach. And one sound that is really not a sound at all-the soft, still silence of a lightly falling snow.