Tuesday, November 24, 2020

To Do... #1 Give Thanks

 Last week's list...

✔  Sew on a label - it still needs a name, but I will wait for the little guy to arrive for that. 

✔  Postcard blocks - As I had anticipated, I didn't get very far with this one while we were away... but I took the time to finish it yesterday as I recouped from our time away and a busy weekend.  

This little hummingbird still needs an eye embroidered, but I think he turned out pretty cute!

Our time away was fun, wild and crazy and boy do we have stories to tell!  lol.

In the Purgatoire River bed at the bottom of Picket Wire Canyon is a trail of dinosaur tracks.  This, in my mind, was the ultimate destination.  However, it was a good distance...

And the other sign that was at the trailhead was a bit daunting...

We descended on foot on the first afternoon... thinking confidently that we would be able to make it to the Mission.  Ummmm... didn't happen.  We did make it to an abandoned homestead.

And were able to scout out the path prior to our trek with the bikes.  The next day we were loaded up with lunches, snacks and lots of water.

The sign at the top of the trail suggested we be prepared for flats... We were!  Two spare tubes and a patch kit with six "scabs".  We'll be good...

I was concerned about my tires because the back tire is nearly bald from our trip down the mountain at Telluride last year (another crazy idea/adventure!)  We enjoyed the ride once we reached the bottom of the canyon, visited the homestead a bit more and then headed toward the Mission.  Sadly, the first flat came before we reached it.  

We used the pump and ride as far as you can method until we found some shade.  

We had made the pact at the on-set, "when one walks, we all walk".

We made the necessary swap out of a tube and we were on our way once again.  With a few more "distractions" before we reached the Mission site, we laughed and talked along the way.  It was a much needed time of socializing that we all needed.  

After taking in the scenery and inspecting some of the gravestones we were on the move again.

A few more "walking sessions" took place because the tires were leaking nearly as fast as they were getting filled, but at long last we arrived at the dinosaur tracks!

Since we were by the river, we took advantage of the water and found/repaired the punctured tubes so that we could make our way back out of the canyon... after all, remember, it was MANDATORY!

While we were there we ran into another hiker who told us about a "shortcut" back out.  We were up for it, but in the end, I'm not sure it was a shortcut.  While it may have cut off some distance, it was rigorous and rough!  The trail was a single track and it was impossible to keep the bike on the path AND walk in the path.  We were dodging cactus on the left and the right and at one point it became rocky, rough and narrow.  So much so that we had to carry our bikes through a section.  
It was rOuGh... but we made it to the rim of the canyon! Woohoo!

And then it happened... one more flat tire - this one on Dave's bike. 😭  We had no more patches and we had taken the bad tubes and lined the tires of the "problem" bike to reduce the occurrence of the flats.  We resumed the pump and ride fast and as far as you can.  We had sent our friends on ahead for the truck to pick us up.
Keith arrived with his "chariot" when we were just .7 miles from camp.  Dave refused to give in so close... He had stopped to pump for one last time and the pin that held the handle in place had fallen out.  *UGH*  We were so close.  As Dave pushed his bike to the back of the truck the missing pin was found... laying in the middle of the road!  We were back in business.

Oh. My. Gosh... We made it back on our own wheels! Wow!

After consuming copious amounts of water we celebrated with some happy hour beverages and watched the sun set again.  It was gorgeous!

So... never think that you are over prepared... and always give thanks!

As for my To-Do list for next week?  

#1 Give thanks and enjoy Thanksgiving Day with our little family on Thursday.

#2  Spend a little time in the studio doing something creative... I have no idea what, but, I will certainly find SOMEthing.

Be blessed and stay safe!


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  1. Hi Melva!! I adore that label for the baby quilt. What a fabulous saying. And your little hummer block is darn cute. I worked on creating a hummer block in EQ8 about 2 years ago, and know that I understand EQ8 better this makes me want to finish that project. Nice job! Those dinosaur tracks are SO SO SOOOOO COOL. I would almost want to go see them myself if I didn't have to trek down into that canyon. Way too hard for me. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for linking up this week and good luck with next week's goals. Give thanks! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Melva! I forgot to comment on it being your FIRST to-do list. Thank you so much for joining in with the fray. I hope you find a list works well for you, and if you don't you can still link up anyway. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a wonderful adventure! Love the 'can do' attitude, and the reward of visiting places that you have never been before! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Glad you made your trip fine and have recuperated!! I do like that label on the baby quilt too! And that little hummer is sew very cute!! They are my favorite little bird!

  4. Wow! What a fantastic trip. How neat to see the ACTUAL footprints where an ACTUAL living dinosaur left its prints. That must feel pretty amazing!

    I love your hummingbird block. Did you create the block pattern or purchase it somewhere? I'm collecting block patterns for a row quilt I'd like to make one of these days. I'd love to include some hummingbird blocks in with the rows of flowers and houses if I can find a pattern.

    The baby quilt label is darling.


  5. Sorry to admit this but your bicycle adventure overshadowed your quilting. I actually forgot what you said at the top. Glad you had fun although a grueling time. I agree -- wow! seeing those dinosaur tracks must be amazing. Hope you have a quiet week this week and get some more time for quilting.

  6. The Picketwire, I believe, was mentioned many times in the movie The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance. Wow, that was quite the wild ride for you all. Glad you made it out! Love your turkey runner!

  7. Pretty interesting spot! I've not been there, but I've sat in the largest dinosaur track around - on the Navajo Reservation. Thankfully, I didn't need a bike, because I can't ride one these days! I'm glad you were able to go all out and do the hike both directions, though the back part doesn't sound like as much fun!

  8. Hi Melva, give thanks indeed! That was quite a trip and I enjoyed reading about it. So glad you guys were safe. I would have loved to see those tracks. You seem to be very fit which is wonderful.

  9. Oh man!!! what a fantastic trip!!! and thanks for taking photos while keeping your tires safe!!! This sounds like a ton of fun!!

  10. You never fail to have adventures! It was so worth it though to see those dinosaur tracks. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.