Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New To-Do

 As the calendar page turns, it seems that all thoughts turn toward Christmas.  I know that 2020 has been a different and challenging year for so many.  One comfort is knowing that despite all that has transpired, there is One that has been, is and always will be the same - My Lord and Savior - the center of the Christmas Season for so many.

My faith is what has sustained me throughout the year... and we are smack dab in the middle of Advent - a season of preparation.  Trees go up, decorations come out, manger scenes get unwrapped and gifts get wrapped up and sent off.

That is where I have been - the wrapping and packing stuff.  I recently listed items from my inventory for sale and have been pleasantly surprised at the interest.  

While searching for something else in my studio closet I came across some fabric that was perfect for another Ruana (link to a tutorial was in the November 17th post).  This Ruana was one of the "creative" projects I worked on last week.  I can successfully check that item off of last week's to-do list 😁

We had a wonderful day together on Thanksgiving... indeed giving thanks for the opportunity to be in one place.  Dolls were being played with, a game of Battleship was going on, enjoyable conversation took place and our Momma-to-be was napping on the floor in the midst of it all. 

After the big celebration our quiet life resumed and I returned to the studio in search of a project to get some creative juices going.

I had picked up this fabric at a second hand store for just $1 and it has been hanging around just waiting for the perfect project.  

On Saturday I participated in the Saturday Sew In hosted by Jennifer Fulton at Quilting with the Inquiring Quilter. 

I got a good start on two of them...

And then I remembered that I needed to get the story for the next Pieces From The Past block release.

I really do try to start early on Christmas gifts but there is always one or two that are held until December.  One is always for one of the nieces/nephews of Dave's family.

He is from a large family - he is #5 of 8 kids.  We gave up on the gift exchange for the adults and have all agreed that we can make a family contribution to an organization chosen by one of the siblings.  This is the 4th year of doing this so the 4th child, Dave's sister Sharon, got to pick the non-profit.  The family will be donating to The Kukhoma Project that offers outreach to very young girls in the Lusaka, Zambia area who are susceptible to abuse and the fallout of that.

The family has continued the gift exchange for the children.  And we have the joy of gifting to nephew Liam, a 3-1/2 year-old boy.  When I asked his Momma what he had on his wish list she replied back with "He was asking for some little hot wheels cars yesterday, so that would be great."  

That is super easy... but he needs more than just a few cars.  So I thought I might be able to purchase one of the playmat panels to quilt and he could use it with the hot-wheels.  I know that time is short but I thought I would check with a couple of my favorite "local quilt shops" that I have made on-line purchases from.  I had no luck so I turned to Joann's.  

❧ While I did not find a panel for purchase, I DID find a pattern to make my own!

This is perfect!!!  Now you know where you will find me for the next week.  I need to do a quick fabric search (possibly a quick run to the fabric department at Wallyworld) and I will be on my way!

 If time allows, I want to create some small quilted Christmas Ornaments that can be easily slipped in with our Christmas cards/letter.

❧ This reminds me... I need to get a start on our letter.  It is unique in that each of us (Dave, Heather, Rebecca and I) writes our own section.  This came about years ago when the girls were young teens and I was pressed for time.  I said I need help and this is what transpired. A newsletter format written to highlight each person's interests and activities.  I used to print it myself, but have discovered that the cost is about the same by having the local copy shop print it for me.  It saves me the time and frustration... and they even fold it for me!

I'll be signing off for now.  But be sure to come back on Thursday for the release of the Corner Star Block and another letter in the Pieces From The Past Sew Along series.

Piece and Joy,



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  1. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner!! I still have some stitching to do as well. Hopefully that will get done! LOL You sound like me, in the middle of a project and think, oh, I need to do that, and then in the middle of that project and think, oh, I need to do this!! Too many squirrels to chase! LOL Have a blessed and unstressed Christmas season, Melva!!

  2. Hi Melva! Aww, I love the dolls and Battleship battle. How wonderful, too, that momma-to-be could get a nap in safely without any worry. That's priceless - the whole day looks wonderful. Get out of town! There's a pattern to make your own town?! I have been PINing ideas for this exact type of project, although I do have a panel that was purchased for Dominic four years ago (before he was born). I look forward to seeing your version and very soon. Liam will just ADORE this. {{Hugs}} Thanks for linking up today and I will definitely be back on Thursday. ~smile~ Roseanne