Monday, November 2, 2020

OCC Sewing & 500th Post Celebration/Give Away

 As I had planned last week I have been a busy little elf in the studio creating some special WOW gifts for our church's Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. 

✔  I will be making items for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes...  I have fabric pulled to make shorts for little boys and skirts for the girls.

 As it turned out, I have had extra time... let me explain.

On Thursday we received a message stating that our son-in-law had reported for his mandatory bi-weekly covid test on Monday.  The results revealed a positive.  Ummm... we had just delivered the kiddos home on Sunday night, so in reality, there was a very real chance that one of the grands could test positive as well.  For the sake of others, we have been self-isolating until all test results are in.

Am I concerned for my health?  Not really.  Our daughter (the Momma of those sweet children) was sick 12 months ago.  Really, really sick with a bronchial infection and flu like symptoms that antibiotics and steroid treatments did nothing to help.  

It became our suspicion in March and April that she had the virus pre-pandemic.  Our suspicions were proven to be true when she donated blood in May after they started testing for the CV-19 antibodies to make convalescent plasma to use as treatment for covid positive patients... her donation was positive.  Meaning... the kids, who had also been slightly ill at the same time as her, have also already been exposed.

**UPDATE** All tests for the grands and their Momma were negative.  Our son-in-law still has no symptoms.  We all good!

None the less, out of respect for those that fear a possible exposure we have been home since receiving the news.

As of Monday morning, I have 6 pairs of shorts for boys and 16 skirts for girls of various sizes and colors.  I grew bored with skirts and moved on to making 12 hair scrunchies - using the last of the small elastic that I had in my stash. 

Up next are infinity scarves and light/sheer/frilly scarves for little girls. 

What else have I done?  

✔  Something else... not sure what, but surely there will be something that captures my attention!

I had made a large shopping trip prior to the news of our son-in-law's test results with plans to prep crockpot freezer meals.  I have 16 meals ready for the making allowing ample opportunities for some No Guilt::Go Quilt days in my future!

I haven't had any new recipes for some time.  I have not tried this Chicken Curry recipe, mostly because I don't care for curry, but the reviews on it were good, and there may be readers out there that have different tastes that myself.

✔  I filled an order for three therapeutic rice bags for a customer...  Each bag has a flannel cover that is machine washable for sanitary purposes. :)

✔  I did some deep cleaning... woohoo (spoken in an unenthusiastic tone with an eye roll)

And now... for the celebration and give away!  A few weeks ago I was doing some updating of the blog (did you notice I created a tab at the top for the Pieces From The Past Sew Along?) and I saw that I was approaching 500 posts.  I reflected back to when I started the blog in 2013 and how my quilting skills have improved, and how the writing and content of my posts have morphed into story telling. No need to go looking... I'm actually a bit embarrassed... but it is our past that shapes and makes us who we are today.

In clearing out some old pattern books I came across this little gem featuring some fun, folk-art type patterns featuring wool, flannel and plaids.  If there is one thing I have learned through the Pieces From The Past Sew Along, it is that the choice of fabric style and colors bring new life to something vintage making it modern and new!  

I personally lean toward this kind of primitive/traditional but I have learned from many of you that bright and bold can be just as fun.   

 I can already envision that sampler wall hanging with bright colors indicative of the Northern Lights with big stitch quilting.  

So, for a chance to win this pattern book, leave a comment by November 8th 11:59 p.m. (MST) on how you found my blog and how you follow me... 
There are a variety of ways!  Via e-mail (you can sign up in the right hand margin), bloglovin', facebook and instagram.

Be sure to leave an email address if you are an anonymous or no-reply commenter so that I can contact you.  fyi, I do not have a mailing list nor will I sell your contact info to anyone.  Your privacy is respected here...

My apologies, but the winner must have a US mailing address. 

Piece Happy!

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  1. by bloglovin of course, Don't remember when I found your blog but enjoy reading it

  2. Hi Melva. Please don't include me in your giveaway. I just wanted to say congratulations on your 500th post. I really enjoy reading your blog. Coming to your blog is just like visiting a friend. I would enjoy having you as my neighbor.
    You have a lot of things made for the Christmas boxes. My church does this too, but we go to the dollar store and fill our boxes up with school items, books, crayons, and little items. I hope they bring lots of joy to the little ones.
    Take care and I hope all goes well with you and your family.

  3. I found your blog through your link on one of those blog pages where people post finishes. Maybe Confessions of a Fabric Addict? And I subscribe to your RSS feed using Feedly. I like it better than Bloglovin. Dot

  4. Hope your family stays healthy!
    I found your blog somehow for your sew along which I have been enjoying so much and I continue to enjoy your writing here and on Instagram (@charming_chipom)
    rach62803 at yahoo dot com

  5. I found your blog through bloglovin' and enjoying the tidbits I find while visting you :)

  6. I don't remember how I found your blog, but have been following you for awhile-via e mail, and bloglovin I am doing the Piece's from the past and love reading the stories behind the blocks. Congratulations on 500 post's. Hope your family stays healthy.

  7. I have no idea how I found you, maybe bloglovin. I have been getting your newsletter for a few years.

  8. first know your "Pieces From The Past"QAL from a website that shows lot of QAL and very interested in the old blocks. now following you on facebook, blog, instagram and email:)

  9. I probably saw your blog periodically through bloglovin', but started following you with Pieces from the Past. I enjoy your conversational style!

  10. Ugh! Another family touched by Covid. Hoping your SIL doesn't become extremely ill and that you haven't been infected!

  11. Hi! I find you in the linkys at Quilt Fabrication and Wednesday Wait Loss. I liked you on Facebook and follow you there. Sorry to hear about sickness! This Covid is bad and not getting better.

  12. I've been following you for so long that I really don't remember how I found you, but I sure am glad I did! I follow you through email, Bloglovin, Instagram, and Facebook.

  13. Those pretty garments will bring a smile to the recipients. Well done. Please do not put me in the draw.

  14. Hi Melva! This is my third attempt at leaving a comment. I'm quite certain it won't be near as clever as the two earlier attempts. HAHA! I love filling the shoeboxes - we've been doing that for years. I have never thought of making shorts and skirts for the kids. What a fabulously great idea!! I think I met you through your interviews of blogger friends. Susan was one of them, but I'm sure there were more. I'm so glad to count you among my blessings. ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. Look at all those skirts and shorts - how sweet. I am glad your family is doing good, and proud of you for choosing to stay safe ;-) I sometimes think I wish I was a virus specialist - stories like your daughters just fascinate me! Enjoy your stitching time!

  16. Thrilled with the UPDATE portion of your post! Happy that in spite of testing positive your SIL is asymptomatic. I think the Curry Chicken recipe sounds delicious and I may have to try it out. Bet it will smell even better cooking! Have a great week!

  17. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss

  18. So glad your son in law remains asymptomatic and everyone else is negative! Operation Christmas Child is going to be so lucky to receive the many items you’ve made. Thanks for linking up with me.