Thursday, June 8, 2017

Do YOU Ever Feel Let Down?

Avid readers often feel sad or let down when they finish a really good book, novel or series.  I have experienced this as a reader myself, though I am not really an AVID reader... I have also heard that Authors experience similar feelings... As a commissioned quilter I experience the very same let down when I finish a project...

And that is exactly what I am feeling today.  Just this morning I finished the "Sister Quilts" - The Snowy Day Quilt and The Rainy Day Quilt.  They have their labels and have been washed and and dried and are all wrinkly and squishy... 

And I am sad that they are done. **pouty face**

I  developed a relationship with them... I worked through some challenges - not just with the quilting, but also in my mind and I could probably solve all of the world's problems, if anyone just asked.

But honestly... 

Am I the only quilter that ever feels this way???  

Now, I admit that the feeling is much stronger when the quilts are for someone else.  

If it is a quilt that is staying in our home I toss it over the back of a chair... or the couch... or a bed... and I feel good about it.

I simply want to know that they are loved and cared for properly when they get to their new home.  I worry that the recipient will be nonchalant about it and not care.  

I get that some might think, "Come on, you got paid for them.  Let it go.  They are in the owner's hands now."

But what I'm not sure of is that many of the recipients understand the amount of thought and planning put into the quilt... the effort and love poured into each piece... each. and. every. stitch.  I'm not sure they understand that a little piece of ME goes with the quilt.

It's a little like sending a high school graduate off to college to experience life as an "adult"... You know parents worry needlessly, sometimes obsessively, that their child is getting enough sleep, or eating the right foods, not party-ing too much and doing well and making "good choices"... 

I survived sending off kids to college... and I will survive this as well.  And MOST of the young adults survive too... (though some battle scars are worse than others...)

It's not that I don't have another quilt to make.  

I do, in fact.  I have the next quilt sitting on my cutting table.  A pretty little embroidered tablecloth that will soon be a flannel backed, quilted lap throw.

But for now, I am going to savor my last day with the Sister Quilts.  I can start the next project tomorrow.

Be Happy, Sew Happy,


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  1. There can definitely be a big let down after a project, and I find that especially true for a project that I immediately finish, package up, and ship off somewhere. After investing so much time to have it immediately disappear it's almost like asking yourself, "did that really happen?" The quilts look beautiful and I hope they will be appreciated, loved, and received with gratitude for your work.

  2. I experience that let down feeling, too, especially when I give the quilts away, and I give most of them away. Sometimes I wonder, if that is what keeps my UFO shelf full. Your quilts turned out stunning and to think I got to see some of those blocks in person makes it all the more special. This was a great post!!