Monday, May 8, 2017

Snowy Day Quilt

It was a snowy day when I finally had the time to devote to The National Quilters Circle Quilt Block Challenge...  

I had signed up way back in February and dutifully printed out each pattern as they arrived in my e-mail each week - ALL. NINE.  

At the time I thought, "No problem.  I'll have an hour each week to devote to the block"...  Yeah, right.

And then the wedding shower for my daughter happened.  And then I had to finish the wedding quilt.  And then I needed a baby shower gift.  And then, and then, and then.  And then it was time for the wedding!

It had been three weeks since the wedding... and then it was a cold, snowy Saturday that I didn't have any commissioned projects with pressing deadlines staring me in the face and no other obligations pulling me away.

I pulled fabric and started piecing... 

Six-and-a-half hours later I had eight of the nine blocks complete.  And there was a total of 8 inches of wet, heavy snow blowing outside... and it wasn't done yet! The quilt blocks OR the snow storm...

But I just couldn't muster up any more interest in the last block, shut down my studio and called it a day.  I did, however, return on Sunday afternoon to finish block #9...  For the most part, it really was a "snowy day quilt"!

A few days later I had an inquiry about a couple quilts for a customer's two young daughters.  He and his wife want to give them each a quilt that they could use while growing up and then take with them as they head off to college and spread their wings.  "A couple girly quilts."  And BOOM!  I had a purpose for all of these blocks.  

I made a few more blocks of my own, added sashing strips and "jewel stones" and have it ready for the final borders.

I have some fabric pulled for the second quilt and will get started on that next week.

For now the weather has turned warmer and I have enjoyed having the windows and doors open with a soft breeze passing by... Maybe the sister quilt will be "A Breezy Day" Quilt...

I had a random selection for the winners of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 15 issue... And the winners are Allison and Karen of Tu-na Quilts.  Congratulations!

Thanks for participating!


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