Monday, June 5, 2017

I Like Bread...

I grew up on country music... and years ago there was a song by Tom T Hall entitled "I Like Beer".

Since blood tests revealed that my thyroid started "misbehaving" again I am following the direction from a natural health professional to make a radical diet change and eliminate all gluten (on top of my already restrictive diet of no corn, soy, dairy, sugar and potatoes), I have been experimenting with some recipes... and I have been singing "I like bread... it makes me a jolly good fellow!  I like bread..."  πŸ˜Ž ** sigh** It doesn't really help...

You can see that my "bread bin" has been taken over by my collection of GF flours...

Some experiments have been successful enough that I have or will try them again, like the pancakes and the pumpkin muffins shown here... The biscuits and tortillas were quite successful as well. Yay!

and some others... not so much! Blech!

As I find and try successful substitutions and alternatives my mind-set and attitude has improved.  However, I will be honest, just a week into the diet change there was a pot-luck at church.  I managed to make it through the line with some dry salad (lettuce & cucumbers) and a spoonful of BBQ beef that was made specifically for those that needed gluten-free and soy-free.  It was disheartening and disappointing and pathetic... and I was grumpy. Grrrr...😠

As the day progressed I continued to feel physically ill and did some reading on the supplements that I had started and discovered that one was specifically to help my body detox. 
Okay, so that explained the headache and lousy feeling.  I drank LOTS of water and slept for 9+ hours and felt better Monday morning.

Grateful that I was feeling better I happily headed to my studio and played a bit... The result was some Dresden Plates made with ties.  

There is a Father's Day post coming soon... 

I then plopped myself in the recliner and got caught up on my recorded programs from food network and did some English Paper Piecing...

It was so soothing...

But now it is time for free-motion feathers on the second sister quilt...

But before you go... do you have any gluten-free recipes you would be willing to share with me???

Happy Quilting!


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  1. We have used the "Allergy Self-Help Cookbook" by Marjorie Hurt Jones, RN. My children had multiple food allergies when they were young, but they believe they have outgrown them now. I, myself, grew into some food allergies and completely understand the struggle to change everything about your eating habits. Hope you find some enjoyable recipes :)

  2. Go to the King Arthur site, I have found a lot of recipes I like there.