Thursday, December 4, 2014

Enough is just enough...

I consider myself an organized person.  I make every attempt to keep things neat and tidy and everything "in its place".

This week got things got out of control!  I knew things were messy.  And then the box of batting that I had ordered arrived.  I knew that there was no way it was going into the appropriate place in the closet at that time.  Near the end of the day my husband, Dave, asked "where would you like for me to put this box?" 

I hung my head and responded... "Well, it should go into the closet, but I can't even get into my closet."  I KNEW  right then that I needed to stop my work in getting ready for the show on Saturday and call it good and get re-organized.

I think my supply for the craft extravaganza is enough.  It will just HAVE to be...

I have a plethora of items... pillows, wine bottle gift bags, coffee cup sleeves, plastic bag storage tubes, and gift card holders.  All in addition to the table runners and quilts that I always have. 
Some might consider it a disease...

So, I am off to clean up my mess and re-organized...


so that I can get ready to work on the custom quilts that are wanted before Christmas.  I think I may be working on a couple of gifts that I have planned much closer to Christmas than I really wanted.

I'm sure I will survive... After all, a blessing is a blessing!  I get to do what I love AND offer a supplemental income.

Happy quilting!  Or in my case... "Happy cleaning!"



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