Friday, December 19, 2014

Too Cute to Resist!

I have all of the Christmas presents done and most of them wrapped, as planned.  I hate the feeling of rushing and pushing to get things done just before a deadline, so I always try to plan on having all of my projects done a few days before necessary so that I can sit back and relax and actually enjoy the days just before Christmas.

This year it meant that there were a few less lights and decorations.  And a few less cookies and goodies in the house, but our waist-lines will appreciate that fact in January. **wink, wink**

So, as I was relaxing and (again) scrolling through facebook I found a blog that had an adorable Tea Cup pincushion tutorial ( ).  Check it out!

I had to make one for myself!  I have a set of everyday dishes that had been my grandparents' sitting in a box in the basement because I just couldn't bear to let them go to the second hand shop when my daughter was moving (and was done with them).  I am such a sap for sentimental things.  I don't think I am a hoarder, but I do love to repurpose special things. So, with that said...

Here is my pincushion!

Some avid sewers collect all sorts of pincushions... I don't.  In fact, I now have only three!  One is the traditional "tomato & strawberry" cushion that I have had since 7th grade home economics and the other is a little girl that is made of an empty spool of thread with a bead and "hat" on it that my oldest daughter bought for me when she was in Kindergarten.

My "tomato" is now tucked away in a drawer and my tea cup is proudly displayed on the shelf by my sewing table.

What is your favorite pincushion? Does it have a special place in your studio?


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