Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Throw-back... waaaaaay back

While cruising through facebook the other day I saw a question - "How long have you been quilting?"

The very first quilt that I made was in 1993... I wanted to make it when I saw the pattern, because I loved cross-stitching at the time and I loved the wild rose.  I stitched these 7 blocks for over a year.  There were supposed to be many more blocks, but I couldn't take it any longer... I had to be done with them so I settled for a checker-board layout with wide borders.

I really didn't know what I was doing when I got to the quilting part of the project.  I made up my own rules as I went since I was self-taught.

I did a free-motion outline on the rose blocks and then diagonal lines.  And all of it was done "quilt as you go" - meaning that each block was quilted individually and then sewn together.  I remember using an interfacing to sandwich the individual blocks.

So, 21 years is the answer to the question "How long have you been quilting?".

My projects have become much more refined and traditional.  And to be honest, I would be somewhat embarrassed to share pictures of a few of the quilts that followed this one... until I started the block of the month classes in about 2000 and learned some "proper" quilting techniques and color selection.

There has been a just a little bit of time spent at my machine *wink, wink* and how many miles of fabric and thread have I used?!?  Too much to really worry about, but there are so many more projects and techniques that I want to learn and improve upon.

So, tell me, how long have you been quilting?

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