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Scrappy Double FG ~ Sew & Tell ~ Feb 19, 2024

Welcome to this week's Sew & Tell party... where progress and projects are shared, and inspiration is found!

I have had a difficult time keeping my brain focused on one single project.  I am typically the kind of girl that sees a project through from start to finish with no problem.  I blame this challenge on an evening with friends at which more wine than I normally consume was... well consumed (and, at the time, enjoyed).  

It was simply an enjoyable time with friends as we caught up on our lives and laughed about memories... and there have been plenty of them in the 28+ years that we have been friends. 

Most evenings I will enjoy one glass of wine.  On this particular evening, I had 2!... and oh this messed with my body!  I am slowly seeing improvement by following my very strict anti-inflammatory diet very closely.  But enough of my whining... I am a lightweight... and I am okay with that. ;)

In my brain-fog/ADD mode, I have been bouncing back and forth between the computer and the studio as I wrote patterns and finished the final section (Section IV) of the non-traditional layout of Pieces of My Life quilt.  I turned to social media for suggestions on the "best" place to purchase Aurifil thread so that I would have thread (that my machine likes the best and performs best with) to begin the quilt-as-you-go step section by section.  The suggestions were very helpful, the thread purchased and delivered, and I will begin the quilting this week. YAY!

With the first six patterns fully written in a format that I want (not scribbles on a paper), I began the pattern testing step... this Pieces of My Life quilt made with purples was inspired by Amanda at
Westwood Acres Fabric, also known as @A.Crafty.Fox on Instagram.  I like purple, in general, but my stash of purples is pretty limited, but I think I will be able to make it work.  I have noticed that they can be pretty persnickety when it comes to them "playing well each other".  I have deep purples, lavenders and violets... the problem is with the violets ~ the red-violet and blue-violet, specifically, seem to clash.

I *think* that I will have to search for a very special blender or floral/calico to use as sashing strips that will tie them all together.

As I said... I was bouncing back and forth between the studio and computer... and there was a fair amount of time spent listing items on ebay... postcards, wooden spools, tobacco cans, children's blocks... all items from Mom.  Bit by bit items are being re-homed and she is one baby-step closer to a move.

But one item sent my way that received some special attention was a vintage linen piece that my Grandma, Tressie, had made.  For the years that they lived in Tucson, Grandpa had it on his dresser.  They were married in 1935 and it is believed that this was an item that she had made and placed in her hope chest.  So, it is possible that it is 90 years old.  It was in very good condition, but felt it deserved a new life.  You can read all of the details of how I made it here.  I listed it on my personal fb page, and it was sold within minutes!  Its new home will be on the antique table that belonged to the grandmother of the purchaser. 

I wish I could say that that was the end of the focus problem... but spring fever hit me on Friday as I was piecing those purple blocks.  I have been piecing on my Jazz since my Lyric has been enjoying a visit to the spa.  The view from the sewing table where the Jazz lives offers me a view of Dave's shop and our 5th-wheel.  The temperatures were near 60 degrees and my wanderlust kicked in.  We are about a month away from a trip to Arizona, and we haven't traveled/camped anywhere since early November.  

That was when I decided that now was the time to begin new curtains for the "living area" of the trailer.  I printed the FPP patterns for the double flying geese strips, pulled out my scrap bin and went to town!  I have the 2 small sections completed and ready to make curtains, and 1/2 of one long set.  I'll be making the curtains quilted because the existing curtains are so thin, and I get chilly as I sit there during my morning devotion time reading and enjoying a cup of chai tea.  I want the curtains to offer a little bit of insulation from that chill.  

It will be a good thing for me to get the Lyric back this week and not be caught daydreaming as I stare out the window. 😉 

It is now time for the randomly selected featured share.  This week it is Danette from Nettie Sews & Lucky Quilts. This is her first time joining Sew & Tell and she brought a divided basket that she made from some fat quarters that has been in her stash for a fair amount of time.  I really like the fabrics and that basket could be used for many things.  She shared the links for the pattern too.  Head over to her blog to check it out.  Well done, Danette!  Thanks for joining us.  👏

This week I need to spend a little time writing up a short bio and brief description of three quilts that will be on display at our local library.  They have an "artists wall" that features a new local artist each month.  Since March is National Quilting Month and World-wide Quilting Day is March 16th, I asked if it was possible to celebrate with the library by having three of my "story" quilts on display.  

The three quilts are all related to local history as well, telling the stories of WWII German POWs that wrote to my paternal grandparents, Phillip and Katie Schleich, after they returned home; Marion Russell's life and travels on the Santa Fe Trail and my maternal grandparents, Forrest & Tressie Teegarden, who grew up, met, married and lived in Trinidad ~ The Pieces From the Past, Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail and Pieces in the Garden.  I feel honored that my request was accepted and hope that their being on display will inspire local quilters in some way.

Will you be celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day this year?  
What are your plans?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. I'd like to ask what response you heard about the best place to buy Aurifil thread. Good job getting those collections sold on eBay, Melva! And congrats on getting your quilts on display at the library! I'll be celebrating WWQuiltingDay by participating in the GE Designs virtual retreat--looking forward to it!

  2. I'd like a source for Aurifil, too. Wawak Sewing Supplies no longer stocks it. I like the repurposed dresser scarf -- how wonderful that it has a new home! I look forward to seeing your library display next month.

  3. daydreaming... yes... me too, focus can be easy once you're into a project and so hard when you're in between. Your geese are just wonderful in the bright colors against the random light prints. I LOVE them

  4. I really like the look of those flying geese, argh so much inspiration on linky parties!! Have a great week, I am off to see a rocket launch!!!

  5. I love the flying geese! No plans as of yet for March 16th but I hope to be sewing, either at home alone or with friends!

  6. Those flying geese will make great curtains! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Project and commitment overload is tough. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down and thank you for the linky party. I finally had something to share.

  8. Hi Melva, isn't quilting day every day? Love your ongoing projects. Good luck and thanks for the party.

  9. LOVE the top right purple block! Your vintage piece is priceless, and what pretty curtains you're going to have with those scrappy geese.
    I'm a lightweight too Melva! I do enjoy some white zin every afternoon with my latest book, and when we "dine out", I make sure it is a restaurant that serves margaritas. ;)

  10. Your purples blocks are so pretty! Thanks for joining in on Monday This and That, I hope you had a great week! xx

  11. Congrats on getting your quilts hanging at the library, Melva! Your flying geese blocks look great! I hope your focus is back by now. Spring is definitely in the air! Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings!