Friday, February 23, 2024

Conquering New Worlds and Techniques

Hey, hey!  It's Friday!  The weekend is just around the corner... 

Speaking of corners... I thought this By the Yard cartoon was funny.

QAYG is a little bit of a "new world" for me to reside in this week...

I was working hard at getting a little FMQ done before I picked up my machine on Tuesday.  You see, the plan was to take my Jazz into the "spa" when I picked up my Lyric.  

I was making great progress and was even sharing my session with a young gal that is interested in learning FMQ.  She and her mom came for a visit and Q&A time.  I was happy to share some tips and suggestions with them.  This gal is 15 years old and has done quilting in 4-H for several years and has even taken to making quilts with fabrics that she purchased herself just for fun!  

We were just wrapping up "the lesson" when I got a call from the friend of the repairman telling me that he had fallen that morning and was in the hospital with a broken pelvis.  I let her know that I would be there the next morning to pick up my machine but would hold off in getting my Jazz to him.  The pressure to get 1/2 of my Pieces of My Life QAYG done was no longer relevant.

My method of QAYG is as follows:

Trim/square your quilted piece to the precise size that you need, 1/4" seam allowances included.  

Cut a sashing strip to your desired width, mine was a 2" wide strip to make a 1-1/2" finished strip, cut a second strip 1/2" wider.  Layer the 2" strip (right side up, the quilted piece (top up) and then the 2-1/2" strip (right side down).  

I am not generally a pinner... but, since it is important to have the sashing strips cut to the exact length of the quilted piece, I did use pins.

Sew your 1/4" seam through all layers.  Flip and press the strip on the back.  Pin back the wider strip to keep it from getting in the way as you add the next quilted section.  Again, pin into place and sew your 1/4" seam.

Press seams to the center of the back sashing strip, forming a channel.  Cut a piece of batting the size of the channel.  Mine was 1" wide.

I use fusible batting so I don't have a worry that it will shift or slip as I move the piece from the ironing board to the machine.

You will then press the front strip over that "channel" while folding under the excess, being careful to just cover the 1/4" seam line and not cut off any points that you may have.

Pin into place and topstitch into place.  Topstitch the opposite side as well.

I am now ready to add a FMQ twisted ribbon in the sashing strip to prevent the batting from pulling away or bunching up in the channel.

I am proud with the way it turned out and it really was easier to manage a smaller section than trying to get a large sampler quilt quilted on a domestic.  Is it a method I will use all the time?  Probably not. I like the look of the overall quilting such as a hanging diamond, lattice on point or a Baptist fan or clamshell... BUT I have had QAYG on my "bucket list" of techniques to try for nearly 5 years.  And now I can say "I have accomplished it." 

Well... almost.  I still have two more sections to quilt, sash and join all together so that I can add a border.  But I feel good about it!  Can you tell??? LOL

Have you learned a new technique lately?  
Do you have one you have put off for a while?

Never fear!  Give it a go.

What have you accomplished this week, that you are proud of?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you.

Keep Piecing,


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  1. Thank you for linking up to TGIFF! This is a great technique and does allow some easier maneuvering through the machine throat. I always wanted to do more of it but find I often finished my top assembly and then remembered!

  2. These are beautiful blocks Melva and your join looks fantastic, though it sounds a little intimidating. I have done some QAYG but have never where I had to join blocks. Hilarious donkey grin!

  3. Your blocks looks amazing, Melva. I am drawn to the heart block. Thank you so much for sharing your process in QAYG. I would like to try this some time. Have a great day.

  4. How fun to get to have a Q&A with you!!! I bet she learned a lot!!
    Congrats on the Great QAYG!!

  5. Hi Melva, that's lovely FMQ - and so much easier on small pieces. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Quilting.

  6. A girlfriend is out of town this week, they have a cat who of course likes to have people she likes around her. Sew, every day this week I've been spending time there. I sewed a scrappy border on one quilt, so it is ready for the Long Arm of the Quilter to work on it. The next two days I worked on my variation of a Jelly Roll Race, and another top is done. Today I pieced the binding and machine sewed it to the front of a quilted monster. It has been unusually busy week of quilting for me.