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Sew & Tell ~ August 14, 20223

Another week has passed by!  How can it be??? Last week I found myself grumping around for most of the days.  I've not shared the saga of our roof... We had a new roof done less than 5 years ago... Dave happened to be on our roof in the spring and noticed that there were many cracks in the shingles... all over the roof.  They were considered top of the line, 50-year shingles. So, for them be cracked like that was simply not acceptable.  

At that point we began a slow process of a warranty claim and fiiiiiiiiinally had supplies delivered on Monday, with workers scheduled to be here on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning came and we waited... Dave contacted the contractor we have been working with and he explained (and apologized) for the crew not being there.  They just decided that they were not going to travel the distance required to get to our house.

The whole thing didn't sit with me well... Thus, the reason I was a grouch. We had arranged our work schedules around their being here... did they not understand this??? We finally had workers arrive on Thursday morning and I got to listen to the incessant sound of pounding and movement on our roof as well as the sound of an air compressor operating the nail guns.

At the same time, I have been assisting my Mom with a warranty claim on her roof as well.  Her roof is a few years older but has similar problems. The contractor stated that they have now run into a supply problem, so her replacement claim is delayed.  Oh, yay... I get to spend another day under a noisy roof since we will not leave her at her home alone while all that is happening.  At least I don't have to do it this week.  There is always a bright side... right?

Thursday also happened to be our 38th wedding anniversary... and my being a grump because of the noise was not what I really wanted for the day, but it was what we got.  I sought solace and comfort in my studio as I spent most of the day fiddling with our Camping Journal Quilt.  I embroidered all of the signs with the various locations and dates trips this summer and added the blocks I had completed.  I need to fix a few of the signs since a few of the embroidered letters got a little funky on some of them. The second border on the right side of the top is nearly filled out... YAY!

I enjoy so much about making these little blocks... From making the memories to be included, the planning of the blocks as I recall the memories from the trips, the piecing together of them and getting them placed into their spot on the top. This quilt will soon-ish be proudly displayed on our bed in the camper.  THIS was almost enough turn my frown upside down. haha!

The next day, a much quieter day, found me turning my focus to T-shirt Memory Quilt #3/3.  I now have all of the blocks on the design wall awaiting the addition of sashing strips.  My back is so much better.  Enough so that I don't have to think twice about how I'll get my pants on.  It shouldn't take much effort to get the sashing strips added getting it ready for borders.  I'll be cautious to not push it too much as I work toward a finish... Dare I say, by the end of the week?

That is if I don't find any distractions to keep me from it... I could easily have had the top ready but I chose to pull out a 1971 Singer sewing machine that belongs to a friend.  It needed some attention and an adjustment in the timing.  Dave and I had agreed to fixing it together.  

It was not sewing at all... The bobbin thread was not getting picked up, so we adjusted the timing of the rotating hook and lubed it up good (it was sooooooooo dry) and it is sewing beautifully!  Yay us!  It did take much longer than either of us had anticipated, but it was a rainy afternoon, and it was nice to spend time together since our anniversary day was a bit of a bust.  

This week's feature is from Nann at With Strings Attached.  She shared her quilt featuring Australian fabrics... she "searched the stash and found an African wax resist print" for the border... Nice job Nann!

I have two pieces of African printed fabric selected for me by a couple that Dave has done work for.  They have gone on several safari hunts in South Africa and have been so kind to bring back a few mementos for me.  Someday I will choose to use them in a very special way... for now...

It is a new week, and I am ready to put a smile on my face... not a fake smile, but one that reflects joy!  I have cleaned house, which is always a good way to expend some of the frustration.

Complaints foster more complaints... But gratitude can change an attitude.  I'll be looking for the good in all moments.

Despite the "less than perfect" anniversary week we had, I am grateful that we GET to go through life together.  We have recently adopted the phrase "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

What are YOU thankful for?

Leave a comment... I'd love to have a whole gratitude party this week :)

Keep Piecing,


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the roofing problems that you and your mother have been having . I can only imagine all of the frustrations ya'll have had to go through. I hope this week is a lot better . Your Camp Journal quilt looks amazing and how fun to see the tshirt quilt on the design wall. Have a lovely week.

  2. it is getting harder to get quality materials and work. I am glad you are bouncing back - quilting usually helps

  3. We have most often found that contractors work on their own schedule, in spite of us adjusting to theirs. I hope your mother's roofing goes smoothly. Looks like the camping quilt was the fix you needed. Congratulations on 38 years together! We am thankful to be looking forward to celebrating 54 together in October.

  4. The noise of re-roofing is why we had ours done when we were out of town! Sorry you had to endure it twice and what a pain to have to go through the process of a warranty claim. You are right about finding comfort and solace in the sewing room. And thanks for the shout out! Do take a look at my post from Friday that shows the finished Borderlands and the back.

  5. So sorry about the roof - and so frustrating!! But I am glad you found a way to turn that frown upside down ;-) Your camper quilt is so amazing - and a super fun concept!!!!

  6. Sorry about the noisy roof replacement but hopefully this roof will last a long time. Plus you have a little break before listening to your Mom's roof! Your camping journal quilt is looking good!

  7. Thank you for reminding me of this linky party, Melva! I'll try to remember to link up soon. I'm sorry about the roof issues; that is not fun and it is definitely noisy! Today I am grateful for water that flows freely through our kitchen drain - hubs wrestled with a stubborn clog Saturday night through Monday afternoon. My dishes are clean again, and my kitchen is back in order! I'm amazed at how cranky I can be when inconvenienced. :-(

  8. I love seeing your Camping Journal quilt! It always fascinates me. What a lovely memory to make of your trips. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  9. I'm grateful that one of my dreams...having a camper....came to life this week. I'm so having a good time now packing up items just for the camper

    1. Congratulations Marsha. Enjoy. I remember making the move into our 5th wheel last summer. :) Good times to be had!

  10. So sorry to hear of your roofing woes (and your mom's). Hopefully all will be well soon. Happy anniversary!!

  11. Love how you've laid out the t-shirts for the quilt. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  12. Hi Melva, your t-shirt and memory quilt are looking great! Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. I'm trying to push myself to work on the t-shirt quilt but not having much luck. Take care.