Sunday, August 20, 2023

Sew & Tell ~ 8/21/2023 ~ Love Beads Mini

Another week... gone in a flash!  The short spell of cooler, more tolerable temperatures is done and we are back to having the AC units running for most of the day, well into the evening. **sigh**  It was good while it lasted... but this too shall pass. :)

Last week I finished quilt #3/3 for my customer and have them all labeled, packed and ready to ship.  

I mentioned in my previous story that Dave has been waking up early, and early... he leaves the room so that his tossing and turning won't wake me up as well. So very sweet of him.  But the truth is, while I usually do doze off again, I lay there and come up with quilt ideas.  When this happens, I have to remember to sketch them out in my ideas/inspiration notebook. 

Several ideas for my weekly mini-quilt challenge series filled my early morning dreams. Since the design wall is vacant and the cutting table cleared, I have plenty of time for the minis.

Back in March of 2021, I participated in #IGQuiltFest2021... The topic of the day was Quilt Admiration.  Somewhere in my scrolling social media, I found this photo from Diane Harris of Stash Bandit Quilts and thought it would be a good idea (at that time) for a notecard.  Using that same inspiration, I turned my idea into a mini quilt. 💛💙💕💚💜  Who remembers the beaded curtains of the 1970s?  🙋 LOL...

Dave asked for another table topper for his worktable in his shop.  I made one a few years ago... and he decided that it was too nice to leave on the table for "every day".  He proudly pulls it out when he wants to do a photo shoot of a completed project.

I have ordered some custom fabric from Spoonflower with our logo printed on it for a more utilitarian table topper.  If he turns that one into a "too nice for every day" quilt, I'll dig out an old quilt from the closet.  Haha.  Silly guy... 

This week's Sew & Tell feature is Maggie at Making a Lather.  She shared progress of numerous quilts, but the finish that captured my attention in her story was Saturday Soire, an UFO from 2013.  

Well done, Maggie! It is simply stunning!  And as she said, "it is finished!"

Now it is your turn... link up your Sew & Tell items!

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  1. I have the tendency to "dream quilt" too. Some of the best ideas come in those restless hours of sleep. What a darling mini and aah and it does look like beaded curtains. How cute and clever. Happy Sunday, Melva

  2. Clever little mini, Melva!!! I definitely remember the beaded curtains. Stunning featured quilt by Maggie, too! I'll be interested in seeing how your spoonflower fabric comes out.

  3. That t shir quilt is beautiful!!!
    and what a cute mini!!!!

  4. I love this mini, Melva! I do remember the beaded curtains. My aunt had some going from her dining room to her kitchen! It does remind me of them. I don't have anything to show yet to link up, but thanks for joining us at Monday Musings!

  5. I took my mom to the dr for a sore shoulder---she showed the dr a rash. He immediately sent her to dermatology to find that she had shingles.