Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thursday Thoughts & Thanks

Sometimes you come across something on the web that you simply fall in love with.   Recently, as I scrolled through social media, I saw a picture of an adorable portable sewing case...

Now, how cute is this?!?  

I followed the link that took me to Quilting Digest and from there I found the original post from 2011 by Vanessa from A Place to Roost with a complete how-to to make one of you own.  

While this is so adorable, I think that is a little larger than what my practical use calls for.  Though there are a variety of options for a sewing case shown in the Quilting Digest story... Picnic baskets, vintage train cases and beauty cases and such.

I have held onto a small box with a magnetic closure on it for nearly two years and keep thinking "I'll decorate it up and make a cute little box."  But for what???  

(Please tell me that I am not the only one that holds onto such things because they are just too nice to toss. LOL!)

Suddenly, it was like a lightbulb turned on!  Would it be a stretch to say it was Divinely Inspired?  Whatever the case may be... I am thankful for little things and creative ideas. 

As it turns out... it is the perfect size for a portable sewing case!  My small cutting mat (backed with a magnetic sheet to hold needles, pins and my small scissors as I am using them) is tucked in perfectly at the bottom of the box. Along with all of the other necessities including my thimbles, thread and seam ripper.

Now I just need to decide how to cover the lid... Maybe a cute, vintage looking postcard with a fun saying.  Watch for a finish!

As I have been cleaning our new-to-us camper I have been thinking of all the things we need to transfer over out of the truck camper.  I have also been giving great thought to all the extra room and have decided that I will be able to leave a couple morning devotionals, one of my quilt-y covered sketch/notebooks and some colored pencils.  (I will need to make a pencil roll to contain them all - maybe several to donate for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.)  I wonder if I can set aside enough time to whip one up before next Tuesday when we take off for the maiden voyage of our camper.

Other things that I'm offering up thanks for this week...

The opportunity to meet up IN PERSON with Tim and Caroline Bailey.  I shared about them in March when I finished the Orphan No More Quilt and again when they passed on the story of the miraculous journey of a child's lovey blanket from Ukraine to Romania. Tim & Caroline and three of their children made it to the US together for the first time in 8 years... B.C. (before children). 

We enjoyed an evening meal, conversation, laughter and memories as Dave and I enjoyed watching their children playing with the very same toys our grands enjoy.  They made themselves right at home... and we LOVED it!  We heard about the challenges they face in assisting the Ukranian refugees (communication barriers) as well as getting food and medical supplies into Ukraine to help those still in Kiev.  And we told them of our Spiritual journey over the past several years.

It was as though 8 years apart never happened... yet SO much has happened!  

I'm thankful for some very special girlfriends and the chance for us to meet for lunch.  There are 5 of us that try to get together several times a year.  Sue and I live the greatest distance apart - 200 miles - and the rest of them all live somewhere in between.  We choose a middle location and have a meal.  And that is exactly what we will be doing today!  I missed out on our last get together so I am super excited to be seeing everyone today. 💗

And fitting in with LeeAnna's weekly theme - Summer Uniform - I am thankful that I am able to wear shorts and tanks most days to stay cool.  If it is a day that I need to run errands in town I may put on a dressier t-shirt, and maybe capri pants.  But since I have been suffering with an occasional "personal heatwave", I find that the sleeveless variety keeps me from having quite so many. 😉  I mentioned a few weeks ago, for safety reasons, I wear socks & shoes while in my studio.

What's your summer attire?  
What do you do to keep cool and comfortable?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. I checked out that Orphan No More quilt - it's lovely! I'm barefoot as much as possible in the house... never considered the dangers of dropping my rotary cutter! Although I'm in the habit of engaging the guard on it when I put it down. Sounds like you had a great week!

  2. that first case is so cute but you're right pretty big for daily use. We quilters have a lot of supplies, and the case has to carry just that project, whereas some sewers don't have much fabric, imagine...
    I am beyond the hot flashes or should be, but any soy causes more. I'm always reminded of Judith Viorst who wrote a book like, "I'm sorry about my arms" which I relate to but still wear tanks. comfort!

    1. Comfort first ;) Thanks for stopping by and for the opportunity to share via your linky. :) Blessings!

  3. Hi Melva! Oh, I definitely covet boxes. Of all sizes - even at work I say, oh, this is a good box. It's become a bit of a joke - they show me boxes and ask if it's a good one?! I even have old cigar boxes that were from my dad and he died in 1982. Great use for the one you hung on to! I hope you enjoy the lunch with your friends. In-person meeting are just the best. Who ever would have thought that we shouldn't take them for granted?! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne