Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sew & Tell - August 1, 2022


Another week has passed by and here we are in August!  The summer has zipped by in a flash so fast I can barely believe it!  Children will be returning to school soon which means all of the school supplies are on sale. 

Dave and I have been wanting to purchase some items to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child and now seems like a good time to pick up many of the times we want to include.

One of those items is a set of colored pencils.  And if you have a set of colored pencils, what better way to keep them all wrangled than a pencil roll??  My rolls are loosely based on a tutorial from 2015 by Ellen Russell Create in the Chaos.

As I sharpened some of the pencils from a leftover pencil box from our daughters' school days, I recalled the pencil boxes from my school days.  You may remember them as well... they were similar to cigar boxes.  Which turned my attention to the small box I mentioned last week.  It has a magnetic closure and is the perfect size for a portable sewing box. 

I pulled out a tiny altoid  mint tin that I acquired when I inherited someone's collection of sewing notions and fabrics. It was full of old, dull pins. I pitched them and used a selvage edge of an assorted quilting label panel to cover it. The tiny ricrac was from another person's collection of notions and trims and was perfect for the edge of the lid.  I glued a small magnet in the bottom of the tin so that if it happens to get tipped the pins will remain in the tin. 

The box contains all I need, including the English paper pieced Fiona Sandwich Postcard block patterns that I have been using our Camping Journal Quilt.

I'll be adding a few more blocks to the quilt to record our recent trips in July.  It will include a block for our trip to South Dakota to purchase the new camp trailer.  Vicki from Vicki's Crafts and Quilts requested a tour of the unit.  So here you go!

View from the outside

Standing just inside the door looking to the left (the rear of the trailer)
The freezer alone is larger than the fridge/freezer of the truck camper

This "window seat" is one of my favorite features!
I think I will enjoy lots of quiet morning times in this location

The sleeping area.  
We will probably remove (or move) the door on the small closet area
to the left of the foot of the bed.
We turned the mattress so that one or the other of wouldn't have to crawl over the other
The restroom (window seat to the left)

A "coat closet" next to the door for easy access of a jacket as you go out

The dining area
The view from the window seat

Shelby is quite content with her new camper and looks forward 
to more camping trips with us

I hope that you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for asking Vicki!  😍

Last week Nancy at Grace & Peace Quilting brought the purple string blocks for her 
2022 Rainbow Scrap Quilt to Sew & Tell.  She has done a fabulous job with them!

My to-do list this week will be short since we are going camping with friends... 

❧  I'll be busy getting some writing done before we take off.  There will be should be a new Teatime with TT on Thursday.  Have you been making your spool blocks?  You have until August 17th to get them done and linked for the chance to win one of the amazing prize packages that Stephanie at Cornerstone Tea Company puts together.  

I just placed an order and am taking advantage of 15% off my order by using the discount code that can be found over on the post.  Go check out her store and do the same!

We have had a pleasant reprieve from the hot temperatures for the past week and it has been so welcome!  I'm fairly certain that the heat will return for another stretch... Afterall, that is what August is all about!  

That's all for now!  But before you leave...

Tell me what the weather has been like where you live.

I'd love to hear from you.

Keep piecing,


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  1. Your take along box is a delight! Love the pin tin redo! Your camper looks delightful and I hope it holds many wonderful adventures for you!

  2. Oh! I am so jealous that you have such a beautiful camper. It looks like it has lots of room and I love the window seat. I can just see me sitting there reading or hand sewing. If you come through Georgia, please stop and pick me up. I would love to travel with you.(HaHa)

    My church makes the shoeboxes at Christmas also. We try to put a lot of stuff that they can use and maybe something just for fun. I think it is a wonderful thing.
    I am glad You posted on FB about your blog post. Every time my computer updates, something weird happens.I can no longer get Bloglovin. It says the page is no longer available and since I am not computer smart, I don't know how to fix it.
    Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  3. Our weather is awful! into the 100s and us with no a/c. Hubby is there now to try to install a window a/c so that I can come home from visiting in the Pacific NW, with family who are being tremendous putting up with me! We live in an older (over 25 yrs old) 40' 5th wheel travel trailer, and so many things have quit working. Retirement is no fun without the $ to get things fixed. However we do have my fabric stash in a cargo container that we insulated after we bought it, and it's not too far away from where we are (permanently) parked.

  4. I love your portable sewing box! So good to have all you need in the one spot!! And oh.. I also love your caravan :) That is my dream one day... maybe in 10 years or so, lol! Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed seeing all the pics! xx

  5. Hope many good times and lots of stitching happen in the new camper. Love your new sewing box. It looks easy to carry as it is not too wide or tall to use one hand. Happy Trails.

  6. What a perfect take along box Melva! Your fifth wheel is a beauty and I’m sure you will enjoy it tremendously. The convenience of being able to park it if you want to go on a day trip (or need fabric) is so much appreciated. 😉

  7. Thank you for sharing your camper layout! I never had a rear kitchen before but always thought they looked kinda neat. Isn't it amazing how much you can pack in these frig/freezers! And your love seat is wonderful. I hope you enjoy it for many fun trips!

  8. I love tours! Your camper looks "really keen" as my mother would say. I especially love the window seat. It all looks surprisingly roomy. When is the next trip?
    Hope you are enjoying your week, and thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!