Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sew & Tell - July 4th

It is Independence Day for those of us in the United States... I could tell a story of my mother-in-law who, when her divorce was finalized, she purchased herself two rings to replace the wedding set she took off... She called them her "firecracker" rings... Freedom & Independence.  

Or I could go into a long thing about freedom and rant about a something I read by one of my "friends" on facebook.  But since last Thursday's post was a vent pity party of sorts, I will not drag my soapbox out.

Instead, I will simply refer you to what I shared in 2020.  Or... Forrest Teegarden's memory that I shared in March... We would celebrate Independence Day each year.  We didn't have much money to spend on fireworks, but we would buy some lady fingers.  We would put carbide under a coffee can, pour a little water in the can.  We would light the carbide and it would blow the can about 15 feet in the air.  Nobody ever got hurt that I knew of.  

This week for Sew & Tell there were four quilters that shared their progress...  If you missed it click here!

I finally made some steps forward!  After our quick get away for a quiet time of refreshment and worship on the mountain, I purchased the fabric for my next project... that I shared in that Thursday post.  Yay!  I found a renewed joy in life... sometimes you just have to pet the fabric to feel better!  I know I have a cartoon about that, but I am running short in time to do a thorough "search and find".

❧  Getting that fabric sandwiched and marked for quilting, along with getting some of the quilting done is on the radar for this week!  It will be July's One Month Goal. 

I finished the last five blocks needed in our camping journal quilt (before adding borders)...  I was short one block to complete the row so I decided to make it the "official" label.  I will need to go back and put another year... but that is just fine. :)  I had originally thought I would use a magnifying glass (instead of the mountains) for the night with our grand-daughter, but for the sake of time and ease, I opted to use a block I had already made.  But "mountains" were on the scavenger hunt list. 😏

I'll be adding sets of two blocks to each side and then another row to the top & bottom of the quilt... And THEN it will be a completed top!  Woohoo!  We have had such fun creating the memories in this piece, and I have enjoyed making each of the blocks so that we can recall those memories. 💓

That's all that I have... Now, it is YOUR turn!

But before you go... I made mention to Dave the other day that I could feel much cooler in my studio if I didn't have to wear socks and shoes.  He asked me why I couldn't just wear my flipflops or sandles... My response was I have either dropped the rotary cutter or knocked it off of my cutting table just one too many times to consider it "safe".  

Granted, I DO NOT always wear jeans... it just happened to be a cooler day when I snapped this picture!

Do you quilt WITH shoes?  
Or are you a barefoot quilter?

Leave a comment!  I'd love to hear from you!

Time for me to go make pizza for dinner!  Happy 4th!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. Your idea of recording your camping adventures is a quilt is great. It's a fun way of helping you to remember the events.

  2. In the fall/winter/early spring I have to wear my crocs and socks to keep my feet warm. In the summer I am usually barefoot around the house, but sometimes I wear my crocs(and look goofy with shorts and crocs) because the bottom of my feet can get sensitive.

  3. I'm a barefooter in the summer and socks in the winter. I can't feel my foot pedal well enough with shoes on (and it feels weird).

  4. I’m a barefoot sewer! Actually I sew with my left shoe on and my right shoe off. I use my right foot to sew with. Hugs,

  5. I'd be afraid to go barefoot in my sewing room because I drop too many pins - lol! Your MIL's "Freedom and Independence" rings story is priceless. We were very happy to watch the NYC fireworks on TV last night and quite pleased that the show is still patriotic.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  6. I wear a pair of Birkenstock clogs around the house. I can not go barefoot in the house, my feet are too sensitive. But in the sewing room, I slip off my right clog to run the foot pedal of the sewing machine. I put the shoe back on when I get up to go to the ironing board or the cutting table. That way, I am not barefoot, but I feel I have better control of the foot pedal without a shoe. Best of both worlds.

  7. Hi Melva! I always, always, ALWAYS wear slippers except when they're in the wash. Then I wear socks or my spare, emergency slippers. HAHA! No bare footing for me! Honestly, my feet are usually cold. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I love your camping quilt! I need to make one.. but then we need to go camping again too... I usually wear shoes - don't want to step on any pins!! xx

  9. I wear shoes because I have the fear of getting a pin stuck in my foot. It's happened and I don't like it at all. I don't care how hard I try to keep pins and needles off the floor, they appear there anyway.

  10. This time of year my feet are HOT so barefoot am I. I winter they freeze, so shoes get worn.

  11. I generally sew barefoot or in socks but if I know I'm going to be standing at the longarm for awhile, I try to put shoes on.

  12. I've knocked the rotary cutter off too. That's so scary! Love your camping journal blocks. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.