Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thankful and Thought-full Thursday

As I wrote and tested a pattern this week, I contemplated some thoughts that have been floating around in my mind...

Recently I read a devotion about the Dead Sea...

"There is a body of water 50 miles long, 10 miles wide and 1,300 feet deep.  With the sun dancing across its waves, it looks refreshing, as though its vast depths must be teeming with life.  But fishing in these waters would never yield a single catch because nothing but a few bacteria live beneath the surface.  Located at the lowest point on earth, the Salt Sea contains the highest concentration of minerals and salt of any body of water in existence, making it unsuitable for sustaining life.  No wonder it is also called the Dead Sea.

As Christians, our lives can sometimes devolve spiritually so that we feel we are living in the Dead Sea.  On the surface everything may look fine, but underneath we seem to be shriveling, not growing.  This can happen if we only relate to Jesus as Savior but not as Lord.  

In short, we need to want the healer, not just the healing...

I believe this "Dead Sea" appearance can be true for Christians, but even more... I feel this can be true for the Church.  As we continue our Sabbatical from Ministry and observe the direction of the church we left due to burnout, we are deeply saddened.  Not once in the 4-1/2 months has the Pastor or his wife, or any member of leadership reached out to us to see where we might be in our lives... not just our Spiritual life, but even on the surface, "what have you been up to?".  It has been oddly silent... We (thought we) left in good standing and were offered a blessing as we departed for rest and renewal... and, to be honest... The silence... It. Hurts!  💔

Similar hurts I (we) have had have been assisted healed and worked out through quilting... I have only one project currently in the works (the Pieces in the Garden Row Quilt) and progress has been slow on it.  Six patterns (plus one bonus) have been released and there are still six more to come.  Patterns 7, 8 & 9 are complete and ready for release... I'm getting there! 

I believe my favorite quilting customer from Texas has been taken a break from her sewing room because of the extreme heat they have endured... They've had 100-to-109-degree days with little relief with cooler overnight temps only in the mid 70s.  YUCK!  I don't blame her. 🌞

I think it is time for me to begin a brand new quilty project... I have been considering a whole cloth quilt.  It was on my 2018 and 2019 goals for the year and both times, it was skipped over because I simply ran out of time.  NOW is the time!  Enough of the wallowing and whining!

I am thankful that I have an outlet for my thoughts (a few "listening" ears right here) and a way to process them that brings forth, not only healing, but something beautiful & productive.

Here's a sketch of what I am considering for the quilt...

I'm thankful that we have the means and ability to escape to the mountains when we spin wheels and seem stuck... We have just returned from a two-day, one night retreat.  Isn't the view magnificent?!?  We spent time soaking in the view, singing some love songs to our Lord as well as sharing a time in prayer pouring out our hearts.  The above sketch was a product of our time away.  The feathered hearts representing growth, the cross-hatch background is the static that the world feeds us, the closely connected circles to represent how we connect with others and a final vine with leaves showing growth again... because we don't want to be like the dead sea!  

Now I need to find some fabric. 😀  I would like to use a light-colored fabric, possibly a batik. Something other than just a muslin or white as is traditionally used... I will probably wait and make a purchase when I visit the LQS for the next Pieces of the Past BOM class.  Stay tuned!

I'm thankful for the recent rains we have had (two days!).  It started on Saturday and continued through mid-day on Monday.  We had 3/4" of moisture.  It was a soft, gentle rain and the ground soaked it up!  You could see the ground cover in the yard (I would call it grass, but it really isn't.  It's mostly weeds... 😜)change color as it absorbed the moisture.

The warmer temps have returned and the AC is running (I'm grateful for THAT too!).  The solar powered and wind powered dryer (the clothesline) reveals that we have a washer... (yep, thankful for that!) and we have an ample amount of clothing! So much to be thankful for... 

If you made it this far with my rambling... thanks for listening!

Is quilting a form of "therapy" for you, as it is for me?  
If not, what is?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you

Keep piecing



  1. Your comment "we need to want the healer, not just the healing" really strikes a chord with me, because I tend to do most of my praying when I need something. And I am familiar with "the silence" and the hurt.
    I just told my husband I want to move to NM - lol! I am heartily sick of this heat with no rain.
    Quilting is therapy for me, but I'm not always quilting while I'm in my sewing room, so I would say that my sewing room is my therapy place, whether I'm sewing or organizing or just sitting and talking with my kitties.
    Looking forward to seeing your whole cloth quilt!

  2. I was in the Dead Sea several years ago while on a tour of Israel/West Bank. It is like no other experience and I will always remember it. I'm so sorry you haven't heard from your church people. It appears you made the right decision to leave, as painful as it was.

  3. Yes!! Quilting is definitely my therapy! Whatever might be going on in my life, quilting brings me joy and helps focus on the project instead of what is going on in my life. It's sad someone from your church hasn't reached out to even check on you. Unfortunately, many times Christians/"The Church" "shoot" their wounded. So happy you have your quilting and your camping/worship to center you. We had that happen at a church also. It took me a long time to realize that God had been directing us to leave and because of supporting our worship leader at the time, and not wanting to leave the worship team, He used that person to basically force that move. It took a while, but we found our current church and have been blessed beyond measure with the move!

  4. Hi Melva! I think I (we, since I read it to Sue, too) needed to hear your Dead Sea thoughts. We do need the Healer as well as healing. I am a bit hurt for you both, as well. I certainly do not have the whole picture, but as an outsider it seems very ODD that no one has reached out to you. Thanks for sharing your blessings. Quilting sometimes is my therapy. More often than not, though, it's my peeps that calm me down and ground me. Well, after praying, of course. Happy Friday, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Oh Melva, I hurt for you! That kind of silence is so difficult and hurtful. May the Holy Spirit continue to heal your hearts and poke those that need it to repentance! My sewing room is certainly a therapy center for me!

  6. Thank you for sharing this story with us. To keep our faith alive Biblw study and prayer are needed as well as a time to contemplate His word and see what He has to tell us. Sharing about Him, like you did, is important to. May you be blessed as you continue your walk with Him.

  7. I feel for you as I have had that same type of experience. Music and Gardening used to be my therapy, but haven't been able to do those since my rotator cuff got torn. Still waiting to get the needed surgery scheduled. I have read that same devotional before and your comments are spot on.

  8. Your observations of the Dead Sea are spot on. I too know the hurt of no contact and wonder why this seems to happen in so many churches. We are to be a caring community but it seems to be in theory only. Quilting is my therapy too. It soothes my soul.

  9. My very dearest friend is a pastor's wife; we have walked through many hurtful times together. I know how hurtful it is when your church doesn't reach out to you, and I'm sorry you are experiencing that. I will pray for you, for wisdom and guidance, as you consider what the future holds. Quilting is definitely therapy for me and, honestly, I pray a lot while I'm quilting - and not about quilting, but for those who need prayer. It's one thing I can do at the same time while I'm sewing without messing my stitching up!