Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Windy Tuesday

The week was filled with great productivity and creative opportunities again... 

✔ Finish quilting and binding of the Dreamscicle Quilt.  And I just had an email from my customer stating "the random pattern you did is just what was needed. Like the green thread. Thank you."

✔ Write a few stories for the Pieces in the Garden Sew Along. My brother shared with me a few of his favorite memories. You can find them (and a discount code for a tea purchase from Cornerstone Tea Company
in the Teatime with TT & Kelvin story.

✔ Celebrate my birthday!

All of the girls came for a visit on Saturday.  (I totally failed to get any pictures.) You can read more about that by following the link above.  

That link, should you choose to visit it, will divulge the instructions to enter a giveaway for the custom cup that our daughter, Rebecca, made.  

❧ The custom t-shirt quilt was on hold since I was waiting on the delivery of fabric for the backing... This meant that there was ample time for creativity!

The first DrEAMI was a modern cross mini-quilt...  The idea for my next finish came to me on Palm Sunday as we watched an on-line worship.  There was a large modern, neon-looking cross suspended above the altar area where the pastor was delivering his message.

I was able to turn my attention to our Camping Journal Quilt and starting some of the blocks to represent our most recent trip to the Gulf Coast

Here's what I have done so far...  I'll add machine embroidery on the sign blocks with the locations and March 2022.  

I have a few that will be hand-sewn and a few that will be FPP...

Those FPP intimidate me... Some of those pieces are TINY!  It may be a while before I get back to those. 😬

❧ Since the backing fabric arrived in the mail yesterday, I'll turn my attention to that custom quilt again.  I promised the customer that I would have it completed by the end of April... that deadline is quickly approaching and will be here before I know it!

The creative time and designing process this past week with no deadlines fed my soul.  Not that my productivity has waned lately, but the unexpected break from commissioned work was welcome!

What sort of things do you do to feed your creative soul?

Nina Marie Sayre often shares ideas to spur creative ideas at her Off The Wall linky parties.  Check it out... but leave a comment here first!  I love our conversations...

Keep Piecing!


PS. Can someone please turn off the switch for the wind???  I'm over it!

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  1. I concur on the wind! We have had a very windy spring and today it is accompanied by copious amounts of snow! I hope this is winter's last hurrah.

  2. Yes what is with this wind - we have it here in north Texas too! Love that T-shirt quilt - your customer will be very happy with it. Your modern cross is really neat.
    I haven't done anything to feed my creative soul for quite awhile, and it has led to burnout. Thanks for the reminder! The best way I do that is to put all stress aside, let my mind open up and wander freely, and jot down ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your post with To Do Tuesday!

  3. So many projects done and time for creativity too! What a great week you had. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.