Thursday, April 28, 2022

Pieces in the Garden - Hours - Block #4

“Bride’s Quilt”

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who wore a bow in her hair.  When she grew up, she began a friendship with a young bachelor.  As the hours and days passed, they began to look at each other with stars in their eyes, and as their love grew, they thought about taking steps to the altar.  So, the young girl got out her spools of thread and made clothes to get ready for their wedding ring day.

After they are married, some of their times together will be bright as noon and others will be dark as night.  But they will try to share their happiness, their miseries and their chores – she grabbing a wrench to help with household repairs and he grabbing a towel to help with the dishes.  Sometimes they will have broken dishes, but they will try to remember that “things” can be replaced, whereas harsh words, possibly spoken about the broken dishes, could chip away love.  They will try to follow the Golden Rule as they are learning to communicate openly with each other.

They will also try to keep in mind the symbolism of Jacob’s ladder – “steps of communication” between themselves on earth and God in heaven.

Please join me (and Grandma) for a cup of tea as Tressie Edith Teegarden tells me of how she and Forrest met...

Grandma, tell me about Grandpa.  How old were you and he when you met?  What did you do together on dates? And how long did you date before you to married?

I was about 18 years old when we met.  We dated for about two years.  Forrie would pick me up in his "Blue Chariot."  We would meet our friends.  We had a lot of cook outs.  We would cook hamburgers and hot dogs up around Morley.

What did your parents think of him?

They thought he was fine.  He was always a favorite son-in-law.

So you met after you graduated...  Tell me about your High School days.  What year did you graduate and how many were in your class?  

I graduated May 29, 1933.  Mr. Mertz was the principal.  There were about 150 students in my class.  Graduation was in the auditorium.

What were your school colors and mascot?

The school colors were blue & white.  Our class colors were purple and white.  Our class flower was a carnation.  Our motto was "To thine own self be true."

Did you go to your prom or a big dance?  Tell me about it.

I went to both Junior and Senior Prom. My Junior year I didn't have a date. I had a date for my Senior year, but I didn't have a lot of fun at either one.

One time in High School, I had taken the Essex to school. Roy Simpson needed a ride to the train depot so he asked if I would take him. I finally said yes. When we got out to the parking lot the car had a flat tire. Roy went over and sat on the curb and waited until I got the tire changed. He didn't offer once to help change the tire. As soon as I was done, he got in the car and I took him to the train station.

The Chamber of Commerce Public Park was run by C.C. Brown. Brown also had horses to rent. My friend Alice, her brother, Morton, and I rented horses one day. Mine was white. The three of us rode down the highway a ways and turned around to go back to Brown's corrals. The horses took off and ran. They were going home. We complained a little and C.C. Brown said, "You'll have to learn to ride before you can ride my horses again."

It is spring-time and "Prom Season".... so, tell me...

Did you go to your Junior or Senior Prom?

I attended both of my prom dances.  I went to Junior Prom with a boyfriend who was a year older than me and from a different school.  His Senior prom and dinner was the same night and they were not permitted to bring guests.  I got jipped out of a nice dinner, but we did manage to make it to both of our proms. He went to his dinner, picked me up and we went to my dance for a few hours and then went to his. The guy was a really nice guy... and then he went and got much more serious than I was interested in.  I kinda freaked out and broke off the relationship and he went off to college.  

The next year, when the time for my Senior Prom rolled around, I wasn't dating anyone.  A few of my girlfriends worked overtime trying to find a guy for me to go with... just as friends.  I ended up calling the same guy at college and asked if he was interested in going.  It was short notice and I was half wishing that he would say no.  But... he said yes.  He was all googly eyed for me still and it was an awkward evening.  I DID, however, finally get a nice dinner.  

I'd love to hear a story from you!  Leave a comment!

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  1. We didn't have a Junior Prom, but I asked our foreign exchange student from Sweden to take me to our Senior Prom. His sponsor paid for dinner and tickets. I did the driving. We were pretty friendly the year he was there, but he always warned me that he had a girlfriend back home! That really was fine with me, as he obviously was only here for a year anyway!

  2. I didn't attend the junior prom. I was planning on going to the senior prom, but the class officers decided to have a senior trip instead of a prom. I had already bought a dress for the prom and I couldn't afford the trip, so I ended up wearing the dress for my senior recital.

  3. I didn't go to prom, either. My boyfriend was worried about the racial tensions that I was oblivious to. Instead, we hung out while his father made a fantastic gumbo.

  4. Prom is not a thing in our area and it wasn't when I was in high school either so no prom for me.

  5. As a freshman I had a boyfriend, so we went. I wore a second hand dress that had belonged to the granddaughter of a friend of my grandmothers. It had spaghetti straps covered with a lace bolero. I borrowed my oldest sisters strapless bra to wear the dress. Another girl had the same dress in another color.

  6. Always fun stories and great pieces….thank you for linking up to TGIFF.

  7. Grandma sounds like a Pip!!! I love her attitude!! and that she changed the tire - not that she couldn't do it - but what a rude man to just watch her!!! I might have left him sitting there haha!

  8. Lovely blocks! Thank you for sharing the story, and the pattern!