Thursday, December 9, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Another week, and so much to be thankful for! 

#1 - Dave and I have some kind, thoughtful and generous customers, and every once in a while, our customers "cross-over".  I have had some loyal customers that trust me with quilting projects and trust him for their gun work/repair.  And vice-versa...

A few weeks ago one of his customers had mentioned that he had been cleaning out his parents' house (it may have been his grand-parents' house) and found some old bedding that had been made with cloth portland cement bags.  Dave casually mentioned to him that I would enjoy seeing something like that.  

This week I was asked to visit his shop because he had something I would want to see.  When I walked into the shop I saw that one of the "portland cement" bedding pieces, probably about 100 years old, was on the table.  

Paul comes from a long line of coal miners and, apparently, it was common for the miners to grab the empty bags and take them home for their wives to use.

I think most of us are familiar with the use of flour sacks, but this was one was new.

As we wrapped up our conversation and my admiration of the hand stitching holding this "sheet" together he said, "You can have this one.  I have several more at home."  How generous of him!

#2 - I had a meeting with the LQS located in Raton, NM, just over the state line from us.  The owner of the shop is excited and willing to partner with me for a sew along hosted by her shop.  

She has arranged for another book signing at the Raton Public Library that will also be the "kick-off" event of the sew along.  There will be two patterns offered each month, along with the letters, family stories and history lessons.  In addition to this info, I will share hints and tips for piecing the blocks.  Most of this info was included on-line in the posts as I published them, but because I could not include the patterns in the book, I eliminated those sections from the book.

#3 - I am ever so grateful for a reliable and gracious pattern tester that doesn't hesitate when I give her less than a week to try out a pattern that has to be published next week.  Thanks Gina from Gina's Custom Creations.  Her feedback on each pattern of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along Quilt has been invaluable!  Show her some love over on instagram if you have an account there.

With Christmas approaching quickly I am being cautious to not get caught up in the "commercialism" of the holiday.  We have no Christmas decorations up yet, but we have sent out all of our "business" Christmas cards and we are working on our annual family letter.  With fingers crossed, we will have it printed on Monday and in the mail on Tuesday... and THEN I can be concerned about the decorating.  Plans for our girls and their families to come here on Christmas Day have just been confirmed.  Woohoo!  

What are you thankful this week?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Stay Piece-ful,


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  1. Interesting that they made bedding out of cement bags. Is the fabric similar to canvas? That’s what I am imagining. Washed so many times , now softer?.

  2. Cement bags. Who knew?! That's cool. They actually look soft. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Melva... sorry not to leave messages for a bit, back is making it hard to sit for long. But today here I am saying great likes and thank you for joining us

  4. What a neat "sheet". That was all new to me! We have family coming in for Christmas this year and all will be gone before New Year's. That'll be a first. I need to start making cookies and think about our cards as well. Wishing you the best week ever!

  5. Hi Melva! That Portland cement cloth bag sheet is so cool. It has been sewn so well. And how nice of Paul to give you the treasure!! The Minnesota LQS sounds like a gem, and what a great opportunity for you and the book. I'm so glad it is working out so nicely. Of course, we all know He had a hand in this - it is quite evident. Happy Friday! Woohoo about the family coming together for Christmas. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne