Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Top Four Thankful Thursday ~ Fall Style

As I reflect on all that I have experienced in the past week I have much to be thankful for!

#1  Restored health for both Dave and myself

While we have been fortunate enough to have suffered mild symptoms (very mild for me), we feel like we are functioning at about 80% and I am SOOOOOOOO happy to be out of the guest room!  I attribute my extremely mild case and quick recovery to my regiment of supplements for my thyroid health and immune system, as well as the use of some essential oils... but I will not deny that the power of prayer was instrumental as well.

#2  The return of my Babylock Lyric

My machine was in need of a tune up.  It had been in for servicing in February, but sadly was returned home not fully repaired.  I got by fine for most of the summer, but when my frustration in the feeding of the fabric reached its pinnacle and cleaning did not improve it, I went in search of a new repair shop.

Boone at Diablo Sewing is a retired guy with a shop in his home and was quite thorough.  I would guess that he has had some experience in repairing machines that the previous shop has had their fingers in.  

I haven't given it a try, but the sample sewing he gave me looks really good!

#3  The colors of Fall!

Our flaming red maple trees are gorgeous this year!

And look at the multi-colored look of the larger one!  Talk about inspiration for a fall quilt...

  The delivery of the proof of my book!  Pieces From The Past ~ a collection of letters from former POWs is becoming a reality!  

What are you thankful for?  

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you.

Stay Calm & Thankful,


PS -
Block 10 of the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along will be released in a week.  Which means... you still have PLENTY of time to get the pattern for block 9 - Comfort of Home - and link up your finished block for a chance to win a free fat-quarter!  Patterns are free to download for six weeks.  After that each pattern has a nominal fee of $2 each.  However, for the remainder of October you can get a discounted bundle that includes nine patterns for just $7 - rather than $14.  No code needed, but you can only access the patterns via the high-lighted link above.


  1. Sew glad you are both feeling better, so much sad news out there! Wonderful news about your book! Thank you for the patterns.

  2. I'm so glad you recovered quickly! What a beautiful house and trees - you live in such a pretty area. Glad you were able to get your machine serviced properly, it is so important! Very exciting news about the proof of your book.

  3. Glad to know you are both recovering well. I wish I could find a reliable person/business to repair my machines at a reasonable cost.

  4. So much to be thankful for - I'm glad you two are feeling so much better! I need to get the Comfort of Home block done and posted (I've been working on a deadline project, which I finished yesterday), so that will be happening soon!

  5. yes for these things to rejoice in!

  6. So happy for number one, and they are all good things. I'm especially happy to see your book moving along!

  7. Yay for the sewing machine. And pretty colors. How awesome to get your book proof.

  8. Hi Melva! I'm so glad you are both feeling better. And that your sewing machine has had a worthwhile spa day. I really need to get mine in - they are saying it will be a month. That's a long time!! Your maple trees are just gorgeous. The variation in the colors and tones can only be from God's hand. And finally - the BOOK!! Woot woot. How fabulously exciting. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Sew glad the machine repair seems to have worked, this time! I am thankful that the extreme heat of summer is gone! We have been without A/C and it was very hard on us. Also thankful that the roof repair went well... there had been a leak after the last rain, and that is fixed now.

  10. Great news on all fronts! I am thankful for my piano students. They allow me to work at home, and are providing for what we need and beyond. It still amazes me how God worked all this out!