Monday, October 4, 2021

Monday Morning Musings...

We had considered ourselves lucky but we knew it would eventually catch us... that dreaded bug. I am certain that Dave brought it home with him after his most recent grand jury session.  That is the only place and time that we have not been out and about together... 😕

He has had a mild case but dealing with some lingering lethargy and I am just starting with a burning throat.  My mighty prayer warriors are on duty and I can feel every one of their prayers.  

While he was convalescing on the couch watching "man tv" I was in my studio cranking through last week's To-do List.   

✔Both the butterfly garden quilt and the memory quilt were completed, including labels and being washed and dried on Friday. 

The camping trip was not going to happen, even if the bug hadn't caught up with us because of snow above 10,500 feet.  We're just not THAT crazy!

As I was trying to avoid as much contact as possible with the patient I assumed my position back in my studio for much of Saturday as I made some quilted cards to sell at the Historical Society's dinner in November.  Three different landmarks, five of each and I have more cut and ready to finish.  It may or may not happen this week, but I have time.

Honestly, I miss my bed... the guest bed is not really, well... they say that a guest bed should never be too comfortable lest the guests may over-stay their welcome.  haha!  That seems to be exactly where our guest bed seems to be... not intentionally, but seriously, I think we need to get something better!  My lower back and left hip hurt.  Tylenol, hot soaks in the bathtub and essential oils help.

❧  The plans for the coming week?  Get my health restored and get back to normal.  I am grateful that it seems to be a mild case and with the help of supplements, fluids, plenty of rest and essential oils (and the many prayers being spoken on my behalf) it WILL NOT be around long.

The internet service, facebook and the laptop that I am working on are not working all that great and while I have many more thoughts to share, my back is telling me it is time for another dose of tylenol and a soak...  I'll take it as a sign to sign off.

Are you a user of essential oils?  

I have been using Thieves and Immunity Boost as well as peppermint and eucalyptus... Before you go, tell me what are some of your favorites?

Piece Out,


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  1. Praying you both feel better quickly. Thieves is my favourite.

  2. So sorry to hear you have it. Hopefully it will pass quickly and not be too difficult. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

  3. Praying you are both better soon! I had that dreaded bug for three weeks and am just starting to get back my taste and smell. The fatigue is definitely the worse, but it does get a little better each day.

    We diffuse Immunity Boost, Calm and Sleep every night and when I first got sick, I would rub Thieves, Raven, and Eucalyptus Blue on my chest several times a day. I really think that helped me not go into pneumonia. Plus my doctor gave me a prescription for Z-pak antibiotic and a steroid. We love using essential oils. I have two cases full of them!!

  4. Praying for a quick recovery!! and too funny about the guest bed - I guess you found just the right one?? haha!!

  5. Ahhh sorry you got the bug. I'm praying for a quick and uneventful recovery with no loss of taste/smell (which was my "lingering effect").
    Your butterfly quilt is beautiful!
    Would you believe we have no guest room? We have taken both extra bedrooms as the man cave and the sewing room. Guests get an air mattress, and no, they don't stay long. HAHAHA!
    I've never used essential oils. Glad they are helping!
    Thank you for joining up with To Do Tuesday!

  6. love herbal teas because they taste so good, and help me make sure to push my fluids!

  7. Intrigued by the essential oils...I have some thieves oil I bought in the beginning of the pandemic. I do plan on using it when I am around the littles at the holiday time. I always mean to learn more, but haven't.

  8. I'm really loving those postcards. I'm sure they'll sell out fast. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  9. I hope you and Dave will feel better soon. Both quilts are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up!