Thursday, March 11, 2021

Why I Quilt

March is National Quilting Month and Amy from Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Instagram Quiltfest.  Each day she has the "word of the day".

Today, March 11th, she wants to know "Why do you quilt?"  

As I ponder the question, I find that I have so many reasons.  My love language is quilting! I love being able to pour love and prayers (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears) into a quilt.  {{don't bleed on the quilt, don't bleed on the quilt}}  It matters not whether it is a gift or a commissioned quilt for a customer... the same amount of effort and love is given to each quilt.

It doesn't matter the size.  It could be a 3" block featuring vintage flour sack fabrics from Grandma's collection turned into a pin cushion...

or a hand-sewn hello card or mug rug >> that measures as small as 5"x7" featuring local prominent landmarks, as shown below; 
A baby quilt or a king-sized quilt.  Size does not matter!

Scrappy quilts are my jam.  Scrappy Log Cabin blocks are among my most favorite with little to no attention paid to the width of the strips or seam allowances. 

"Art" projects that stretch my creativity and my mind are rewarding and satisfying... being able to capture the feeling or emotion of a moment, like the soundwave of laughter with friends, feeds my soul.  

Preserving a piece of a family's or individual's memories in special "memory" quilts, such as a quilt from a loved one's clothing; 

a pillow made from a shirt; 

or a quilt for a child to grow up with something of the Mom that didn't survive childbirth; 

Or a quilt that features a table cloth and ties of Grandma and Grandpa and seems to almost transcend time. 

So.... why do I quilt?  It is a creative outlet.  It allows me to connect on a very personal level with others.  It preserves memories of special times and people.

Because it is a gift I can share with others.  I stitch in love and prayers that another can then wrap themselves in to feel loved... not just by me, but by God.

Quilting is my love language and a gift from above!

Why do YOU quilt?

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you!


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  1. I quilt for many of those same reasons, Melva! I loved seeing your why!! That is an adorable pincushion and my words many times have been "don't bleed on the quilt!" LOL Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Beautiful quilts and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing and linking up today ... :) Pat

  3. Hi Melva! My thoughts mirror your reasons as for my I quilt. Thanks for sharing with us. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I inherited 2 quilts, One was a Lemoyne Star with alternate blocks in bubble gum pink. The second is a Crazy Quilt. No provenance on either one of them. Since I got the Crazy from my mother's mother directly, I know it is from her side of the family. I just do not know who made it. I did not inherit enough quilts, so I want to make some more to be my inheritance. I have since gotten some more old(er) quilts and now have a small collection of them. One of which I am recreating in my own collection of 1800's reprints.

  5. What a wonderful, thoughtful answer to the question why do you quilt. I started sewing as a kid ... my dolls had some very interesting clothing! But I kept sewing -- dresses and tops and tailored slacks and blazers. And kids' clothes. And drapes. At one point I saw a really cool small quilt in one of the women's magazine and sent away for the pattern. I still have it and I've never made it. But I started making quilts, taking classes and generally becoming a quilter. Now I find it is a great hobby, keeps me busy and allows me to create a wonderful product that generally is given to some one who needs it. I've seldom lost my mojo over the last 13 months and I am thankful for quilting every day.

  6. Great post, I love to know your reasons, and it's a great opportunity to show your pretty quilts. I quilt for the pleasure of creating, sharing, giving, gifting ;)
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up today.

  7. LOVE that GREEN scrappy Log Cabin quilt!! I wish someone would have made a quilt like that for me when my mother passed away after giving birth to me. What a treasure!