Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lesson Learned...

I had noticed that my Babylock Serenade was having issues with the tension.  I had to adjust the top tension far beyond the normal settings for the stitches to be acceptable.  I took the machine in to the shop for a tune up and pulled out my back-up work-horse - the mechanical Brother.

I made pretty good progress in my list of projects to have ready for the upcoming Farmer's Market. 


And then I got the call from the repair shop.  There was a need to replace a part, a pulse motor, but the part was on back-order and it would be a month before it was in. **sigh**

I asked about continuing to use it and just making the proper adjustment in the tension, would it cause further damage?  "No."  I picked up my Serenade and was excited to finish the Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt that I had ready.

I had planned on doing just straight-line quilting, nothing fancy, so I adjusted the tension and started in.  I watched every line carefully, checking the back of the quilt for any indication that the adjustment wasn't correct...  I came to the end of the day and felt satisfied that I was making progress.  Then I sat down a few days later and started again... I adjusted the tension, and watched carefully the first few lines of stitching again... all was good.  Go for it!  I continued on stitching line after line... and and felt accomplished when I finished....

And then I looked at the back. **sigh** The stitching had gotten progressively worse with off-set, loose stitches... **hangs head**  Ugh!

THIS was unacceptable and the bad stitching HAD to come out... So I sat and picked some stitches... Lesson learned.  

I moving on with a different plan... The Harley quilt is hanging in the closet until the Babylock is fixed properly.  So, as I wait for the replacement part I will pull out the Brother and work on a quilt that I have had on my "bucket list" for some time. I will be using up most of the old jeans that I have had in a box under my cutting table for this...

Lesson learned... pay attention!  Happy quilting!


  1. I've got a tub of old jeans waiting to be cut up and used for something, too. I like the denim cathedral window. How big do you cut the denim circles?