Monday, June 22, 2015

Preserving Part of A Family's Story

I was asked by a friend to help with the preservation of a special pillow that her Dad had made more than 60 years ago...

It was in a really rough condition... But she wanted to preserve it and have it framed for her mother.

I happily hand appliqued it on to a black quilted background and added some borders.  My customer had picked out a black eyelet and a plain red, which was a perfect compliment to the needle work.  I have to say I was quite pleased with how it looked when I was done. 

It looked so different from when I received it!

And then she had it framed...


The story behind it...

This punch work flowers picture was originally created as a pillow by Steve Olafson and given to his Mom as a gift.  He created it when he was in the VA Minneapolis Ft. Snelling hospital after his return from Korea.  He created it approximately 1952.  

Uncle Kris brought Grandma and Grandpa to the Hospital to see Dad after his lung surgery.  Not sure if this is when he gave her the gift.  Grandma passed the pillow to Mom sometime before 1981 when she moved to CA.  I remember it being around the house “forever”!  

The pillow was worn and falling apart.  I brought it home after Dad died and enlisted the help of Melva Nolan, who was happy to help restore a family keepsake.  

After getting the project fixed I had it framed at Michael’s using acid free inserts and a display case so the glass does not damage it by being right against it.  I gave the framed gift to Mom for Christmas 2014 as a new and old reminder of Dad.  She had wanted to get it refinished for years, now she can just enjoy it.   

This was only one of the cool projects Dad created while in the hospital and if you are lucky enough to end up with it know that the love that was put into it and passed on not only from Dad, but Grandma O (an amazing lady) and of course Mom are great reminders of our amazing world and blessed lives... Continue to share their love and their story when you display this.  (Colleen Olafson-Frizzell-2014)

I am happy to have been a part of preserving one of the family keepsakes. And thanks to the Olafson Family for the opportunity to save and share some special memories. <3 Our family stories are so important for the future... don't lose them.

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