Thursday, June 4, 2015

Frozen II

I have been working on a second Frozen quilt for a friend... this one has pieced snowflakes.

I planned on doing free motion quilting to outline Elsa and Anna but was at a loss for what to do over the snowflakes... I thought about diagonal lines. I considered stippling or loops and swirls.  And then I searched youtube for a tutorial on free-motion snow flakes.  I was convinced that I HAD to do them!

Off to my studio...

I am really excited with what I have started... the top left flake was my first attempt - really bad!  Just figuring out what direction I wanted to working helped me.  #2, just below the first one, improved, yet was too close to the first one... #3 is still not perfect, but something I would be able to live with.

While I realize I have soooooooooooooo far to go with improving my skills as a free-motion quilter, I no longer fret over some imperfections in the stitching.  

Sometimes you just have to face your fear!  So go ahead... jump in... You can do it!

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