Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Finally... Have you ever felt this way?  You've waited for so long for a situation to change... Or you have been counting down for a special day to arrive...

Or you FINALLY finish a quilt that you seem to have been working on for a long time...

This is what happened yesterday!  I finally finished the quilting on the queen-sized quilt that I have been working on for what seems like forever...

When in reality it has really only been since March.

Once it was done I tossed it on our couch with the intention of working on taking care the "tails" on the back of the quilt.  

I hadn't been feeling well in the morning.  I did a visit with the Dr., peed in a cup and picked up a Rx to remedy the problem... 

It was a rainy, wet afternoon and the couch just seemed to call to me.  All I have to say is that Shelby and I discovered that the quilt sleeps quite well. No, Shelby wasn't ON the couch.  Since the quilt is 108" square there was ample extra to hang over onto the floor.  But yes, she agreed... it slept well.

And now that I have had several doses of antibiotics I feel much better!  So, I am off to my sewing room.

Happy Sewing!

BTW... I can't reveal the whole quilt yet. Watch for it, though!

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