Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creating Heirlooms with a Passion

In addition to having a passion for quilting, I have a passion for heirlooms and history. So when the two come together I get really excited!

The latest project features a 25 year collection of patches/badges from fire departments.

This is a large collection... 121 patches - from all over the US... some commemorative patches (for the Oklahoma bombing, the 9/11 attacks), training patches and a few from other countries such as Germany and Australia.  When completed it will be for a full-sized bed with plenty of drop on three sides.

The biggest challenge with this project is actually sewing the patches on... It involves lots of pins.  Which means that with every movement or shift of the quilt while stitching on it there is an opportunity to poked or scratched.  On a finger, on the arm, on the waist or the lap...

A few things you will hear coming from my sewing room... "Ouch",  "Dang it", "Well"... and "Don't bleed on the quilt, Melva!"  I mean some of those sticks are bad!  Nothing that will leave scars but they still hurt.  And so far, I haven't bled on the quilt.  Though I did need to walk away for awhile as one of the sticks slowed down and eventually stopped.

What a wonderful way to display the patches.  I am so glad that the customer came up with the idea!  It would be a fascinating time to sit with him and hear the stories attached to each patch.  I am told this will be a gift to one of their children.  I hope that they have had or will have the opportunity to hear the legacy of this quilt/collection.

Happy quilting!

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