Friday, May 8, 2015

Can You Ever Have Enough?

The other day I was reading Amy Ellis' blog that had been "taken over" by her daughter, Ella...

In it she stated...

I guess the quilts are pretty, but I’m starting to wonder how many quilts we really need around here. All stacked up they are taller than I am!

It brought to mind my Grandma... 

and all of her china painting... Just how many _____ (plates, cups, bowls, dolls - insert any of these {actually, ALL of them})?

Some of our friends have seen or received some of her hand painted pieces and they greatly appreciate them.  I (and my children) probably do not have the proper sense of appreciation for the china since we have so much of it. I mean, seriously, when we packed up her house in Tucson we were marking the majority of the boxes "Fragile".  

So... do my children (will my grandchildren) feel the same as Ella?  Just how many quilts do we really need?!? I hope so!  'Cause I'm just gonna keep making them! And I hope that they USE them!  Just like I use my Grandma's china... don't save it for a special occasion... Enjoy them and show your appreciation by using the heart-felt, hand-made items.

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  1. I'm sure my kids think the same thing but I'm with you. I'm still gonna make them as long as the Good Lord is willing to let me. They do use them and love them but I'm sure they think "Oh great! Another quilt"! They'll have a few to fight over one day. (wink, wink)

  2. Exactly... we are leaving a legacy =D