Friday, May 22, 2015

Never Waste the Cast Offs!

My recent project has been hand-pieced... Rectangles with half-square triangles - using the stitch and flip method...

The finished blocks are snowflakes for a "Frozen" quilt...  Aren't they cute?!?

But, no fear, those little cast-offs did not go to waste...

I used all of the cast-offs to make the May Bitty-block for Quiltmakers Row Quilt!  All I had to do was trim them to size and add a 2-1/2" block for the pad and the 1-1/2 block for the corner... Easy-peasy!  Didn't the tiny Bear Paws blocks turn out cute???

You can find the pattern for these bitty-blocks here... Quiltmaker Bitty Block-Bear Paw

I think I will be spending some time piecing the remaining snowflake pieces this weekend... and catching up on my rest before Mom gets to come home...  What will you be doing?

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