Monday, April 27, 2015

Keep it clean~

We ran into a former colleague and her husband a few weeks ago... at a rest-stop.  While we spent a few minutes catching up she asked if Dave could possibly clean and "tune-up" her sewing machine.

She stated that she had the owner's manual that showed where to oil it and then added that she is not very mechanically inclined... We gave her a business card and moved on down the road.

Yesterday her husband dropped off the machine and Dave promptly brought it to me telling me "you know more about sewing machines than I do.  Besides I don't think that you want me to take your special  vacuum attachments out to MY shop.  I'll help you if you need help."

I removed screws... I used my special hose attachments and brushes... and I removed more screws... and then a screw fell down inside the machine... below the bobbin area!  Agh!

I turned the machine over, take out one more screw and find the "lost" screw... and an astronomical amount of dust and lint!

The lint was packed in so badly in the bobbin area! 

And below, this was just a portion of what I found below the bobbin!

Now, granted, the machine was made in 1999... so one could expect to find some lint, but I don't think this machine has EVER been cleaned and oiled!  I also understand that not everyone uses a machine on a daily basis like me... but your machine could last SO much longer and sew smoother seams and stitching by just taking a little time to clean it!

I know that over the years I have learned to properly care for my machine.  I love my Babylock!  I love that it has a larger "throat" area making it ideal for quilting.  I love the built-in "walking foot".  But I do miss the simplicity of the mechanics.  I guess I can't have everything...

No machine deserves to be neglected so badly!  So, if you have a sewing machine, go!  Go right now and show it some love!  Clean an oil the sweet thing.  It deserves to be kept clean.  Trust me.  It will run much quieter and smoother and that in turn makes you less frustrated and a happy person.

Happy Sewing!

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