Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fabric... in the Baby Department

When a friend asked if I had anything in my inventory that had Winnie the Pooh, I was saddened to say "no, I don't. What did you have in mind?"

She responded with a story about her daughter-in-law having a shower in 10 days - in Indiana.  She wanted a quilt that would "make everyone say 'Wow'".

The problem?  I didn't even have any fabric in my stash that could be used.  And, again, because we live is a small town with great limitations, a challenge of finding Winnie the Pooh fabric was difficult.  My solution?  My brilliant idea (I think anyway)?  Flannel receiving blankets from our favorite store (Walmart)!

I added a few contrasting fabrics that coordinated well.  The end result?  A big block quilt with giant flying geese in just a few days.  Another deadline met.  The house work was pushed aside and simple, easy to prepare meals were on the menu.

This was my first actual complete free-motion quilted quilt!  I was terrified to start it!  I practiced and practiced and made a few adjustments and then I sat down with "the quilt".  Again, I emphasize, I was so nervous!  So Scared!  Such a mess!  Finally, I just started it... I combined loops with meandering and viola!  I am pleased with the end result.

And, another baby will be comfy and cozy and wrapped in love!

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