Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And now He is just showing off!

There is a movie that Dave & I watched that was on INSP called Hometown Legend.  While it is not any kind of award winning movie, it has a great message. One line from the movie that happens to be from a prayer by a high school girl seeking help from God... "We could use some help here, so how 'bout you show up and show off".

Dave and I have adopted this prayer over the past 11 months... and let me tell you, He definitely "showed up" and has "shown off".  I could share several stories where we have been blessed because we obeyed and showed faith, though we didn't know how it was really going to work...

To start with, the unemployment benefits that Dave was paid while we were making the necessary improvements on the shop was only $9.53 short of our budget... We said, "okay, we can cover the deficit with our savings." 

Also, while making improvements and considering insulation for the shop we  learned of a rebate program offered through our electric co-op. The person that came highly recommended wanted to work out a barter... So the improvement that was going to cost $1300-$1500 ended up costing only $300!

The calls for work have continued to come in and Dave has never been with out work. 

The latest "showing off" that we have experienced is that we had a gas bill due that is $500+...  The day before it was due Dave delivered two jobs and brought in just a few dollars short of the balance due!

Sometimes you just have to smile and say "I know that was you God! Thanks!"

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