Monday, March 3, 2014

One For Honor

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young woman who found me on fb through some friends and asked if I would be able/interested in making a quilt using a pair of pants that her brother had worn while serving in the Middle East.

He had been wounded in Afghanistan while serving in the Marines and recently, suddenly passed away.  The only thing she has from him is the pair of pants.

I sent her my price list but didn't hear back from her for several weeks.  Last week in one of the quilting groups that I follow on-line a fellow quilter shared about how she had made a quilt for the parents of a young baby whose life was far too short.  She encouraged others to step forward and do likewise.

I got in touch with the young lady again and explained that I wanted to make the quilt for her at a minimal cost so that I could honor the memory of a wounded warrior, say thank you for the sacrifices he made to protect our country and to give her a special keepsake to keep the memory of a life taken too soon alive.

Am I interested in making a quilt? Always! Am I interested in paying forward a kind act to another that offers no personal gain for myself? With a resounding "Yes!" I step forward.

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