Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deadlines... Pffft... not a problem

The past two weeks were quite busy with quilting projects... and a few challenges.

I was commissioned to for a photo quilt that included 13 photos and needed in just 10 days.  First challenge?  I needed a new print cartridge for our printer in order to print the photos onto special paper... Walmart did not have one for our printer!  Panic started to set in.  Trinidad doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to office supply stores, but the locally owned (very tiny) office supply store happened to have one!  Whew!  Let the printing begin!

I soon had all of the photos  printed and color fast treated and began pulling fabric for the quilt - primarily blues with accents of browns and purples.  It was a simple pattern, so once the photos were all "framed" I was ready to begin the assembly of the entire blocks.

With speed like a cheetah I had the top completed.  Next challenge?  To find a backing for the quilt.  For most that would seem like no big deal... But, again, in a small town where the only fabric options are at Walmart, finding a backing and binding that does not clash with the front and having enough in stock is sometimes a challenge.  While I was not completely satisfied, I settled for the best options.

And the final result was loved by the person that ordered it for her Mom on her birthday. 

Deadline?  Not a problem...  Challenges?  Overcome!  Final result?  Lovely!

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