Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sew & Tell ~ On the Beach


If all is as planned, I am unplugged and enjoying the sound of waves on a beach. 

Go ahead and join the Sew & Tell party below and I'll join you as soon as we get someplace to check in...

Before we headed to the beach these were a few links that I thought deserved a little attention...

Sew Sunshine and her friend were on an adventure and found several murals that offered the perfect backdrop for a photo op with scrappy quilts... This is just one of them.

And Gail showed off her SAHRR (Stay At Home Round Robin) quilt...

I hope that you are having fun.  We are!  Now... it is time for you to Sew & Tell.

Keep Piecing,



  1. I do hope you are enjoying your unplugged time. 😉 Carol