Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Blessing of Fabric

Last weekend I met up with many long-time friends... the first time in a really, really long time.  We had a common purpose for our gathering which was to begin preparing for a Women's retreat.  As we caught up with each other there was laughter and joy, tender care and prayer.

One especially tender reunion was with a close friend with whom I have stayed in contact with over the phone.  Our daughters happen to work together and have children close in age that attend the same school.  This friend learned in December that she had breast cancer and would soon be undergoing treatment.  Pat loves to craft, sew, quilt and embroider along with many other "hobbies".  She has from time to time cleared out some of her fabric stash and scraps... and sent them in my direction.  YAY!  

She had slowly been sorting through her supplies in the fall, but upon her diagnosis her husband (ever so kindly???) asked her to make this all happen faster (like before her treatment would begin).  She agreed to do so... I'm not sure I would have been so quiet and willing as she was.  I won't go into how his request rubbed me the wrong way...  

None the less... I was able to meet with her quickly in the parking lot as she unloaded her de-stash into my car.

I gave her a huge hug and spoke a prayer over her as she headed off to another meeting.

As I examined the assortment of fabrics after returning home, I set a few aside because I knew what I would use them for.

I was recently commissioned to make two wall hangings. 

One was similar to one I made several years ago and needed to have the Colorado flag and Fishers Peak on it.

From Pat's stash I pulled out the grey that I used for the mountains and the peak, the yellow for the center of the "C" and the light blue that I used for the binding, as well as the red/white/blue fabric the backing.

The mountains are prairie points with the points tacked down.  The echo quilting represents the many mountain ranges in the state.  And stippling fills the top and bottom representing the blue skies and mountain lakes. 

One done... one to go!

I am stumped still in the designing phase of the second wall hanging... The request was to have another local landmark on it, Simpsons Rest which bears the big TRINIDAD sign.

I did locate the perfect fabric for the sandstone in Pat's blessing of fabric... beyond that I'm not sure what to do or how to do it.  

My creative consultant (husband Dave) advised me and gave some suggestions... but I am still unsure intimidated.  My mind just can't wrap around it. I know from experience... I simply need to set it aside until I have the inspiration and answer come to me... which usually happens in the early hours of the morning as I am just barely awake.  😴

What do you do when you have a block about a project or design?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. How wonderful of your friend to bring you her destash. I am wishing her all the best in her journey. Well if I have time when I am stumped it gets set aside until I find the right fabric or design the project needs. I am working on a UFO right now that was/is in that stage. Also I refer to Pinterest for inspiration.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis but praying she does well with treatment. I was rubbed the wrong way by the husband's request, and I don't even know them! The Colorado wall hanging is stunning. When I have a design block, I usually just put it aside or put what I have on the wall, for as long as it takes to come up with something. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, and that seems to be a good time to think about it, and that will often inspire an idea!

  3. Hi Melva, that's a lovely wall hanging. I'm sure that something will come up for the second one. It usually comes when we let go and stop worrying about it. Good luck and thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.

  4. Once my daughter gifted me with a friend's destash, and I sewed on it for nearly two years. That is always great. I love the Colorado quilt wall hanging.

    1. Getting a collection like that can certainly add a new spark to your projects. :)

  5. What a lovely gift and glad you were able to put some to use right away! I am a little stumped on that picture, but you have probably already come up with something. Praying for your friend while she is on her journey.

  6. Our church is doing an Art Exhibit linked to the Lenten season and I'm planning a small quilt. The verses to base it on are not giving me inspiration so I've been going through Pinterest and Googling to come up with something. That's my usual process, and usually it works! Your Colorado quilt is great. Good luck with finding your way on the 2nd one!

    1. Google and Instagram are great sources of inspiration for me. Some like Pinterest, but I have never really used it much.

      I had as much fun with a photo shoot of both wall hangings as I did with the quilts. Be sure to visit on Monday morning to see where I went.

  7. There are lots of fabrics in your friend’s de stash. I’m wondering if her husband’s suggestion came from fear and feeling “not in control”. I have strict instructions to my DH to call my quilting group friends, should something happen to me. They will take care of my Stash!
    On a lighter note, love your Colorado flag wall hanging. We’ve been through Trinidad more than once. I don’t remember the hill with the sign! I’ll need to look more closely next time. Can’t wait to see the results!,