Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Checking Off on the To-do List

Thank goodness I have to-do lists... if not for them I might forget what I am supposed to be doing and what is next!

One row needs to be photographed and two patterns need to be finalized.

 I'll be writing another Teatime with Tressie memory - DONE!  Watch for it on Thursday.  This one includes another sweet recipe.

Three outta four ain't bad, right?  Haha!  I didn't get the photos done (yet) and may not since I finalized the bonus pattern and Teatime story that is being released on Thursday.  

I strive for perfection and consistency throughout life, but sometimes I let little things slide... like the photo session of the bonus block.  I have all of the pertinent info and photos in the pattern... it will just look a little less fancy with no purple velvet background. I'm not even beating myself up about it! lol... I am a recovering perfectionist and will not apologize for this slip.

   Custom Halloween quilt is under the needle now!  I did a quick story on Friday to show the flimsy finish before we ran off to spend some time in the mountains enjoying the start of the changing leaves.

As I look forward...

I will finish the Halloween quilt and get it ready to deliver to my customer.

I have an order for two small Hand-sewn Hello mug rugs.  This order comes at a perfect time since I have been craving some improv creative time in the studio.  While I am at it, I will probably make a few extra to have on hand to send to a sweet lady from time to time.  She has recently been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and has a rough road ahead of her as she begins the battle to beat the disease with 12 weeks of chemo.  Any and all prayers on her behalf would be welcomed and appreciated. 

For my to-do lists I simply use a regular notebook and scribble out my thoughts, ideas and plans... and I have a spreadsheet that I use for the sew alongs.  But I have given some thought to one of the planners designed for quilters.  And then I wonder if I would actually use it... and would it be worth it?  Some of them seem rather pricey.

Do you have and use a planner to track your To-do lists?  
What is YOUR method for staying on task?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. I've considered those planners but the price always stops me. Plus, I'm so used to my own system! I use OneNote and I like it's versatility.

  2. Oops! Forgot to say thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss! That custom quilt looks so pretty. Can't wait to see.

  3. I use GoodNotes on the IPad and then don’t follow it!

  4. I keep my goals on Notes on my iPhone which also shows up on my iPad and laptop. I like that I can check any of my devices to make sure I’m doing what I deemed a priority on my list. I do go off list sometimes. It feels great to add the check mark when done.

  5. You did great on your list! I hope your friend with breast cancer does well and is totally healed. I have planners and used to use them religiously when I worked in an office, but now, not so much. But I still love them - lol! Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!